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Iran and Various Destinations…

Iran is the country of vast and various attractions. From Cultural and historic sites, to magnificent nature and amazing people, Iran has it all. However, what we emphasis here is the joy of trekking, skiing or other adventurous activities in the mountains of Iran. Unlike the common belief, Iran is not all deserts. In reality, even the forming of deserts is a result of the many mountains of the country. Iran has 4 main mountain ranges.

First, we have the Northern Mountain Range. This mountain range includes Azerbaijan and Alborz. It has an east-west axis in the northern part of Iran. Next, we have the Western Mountain Range or Zagros, which takes the western part with a north-south direction. Then, there is the Eastern Mountain Range on the east. And at last, there is the Central Mountain Range. As the names signifies, the mountains covers the country from the sides preventing humidity and rain to enter the central region. Thus, the deserts come to being.

What About Destinations?

Naturally, each of these mountain ranges have particular flora and fauna which makes them unique in their own way. However, the most famous of these mountains are in the two mountain ranges of Alborz and Zagros. The five mountains of Damavand, Alamkuh, Sabalan, Zardkuh and Alamut make the highest and most famous mountains of the country.
First, we have Damavand with 5610m which is the highest mountain of country and in the Alborz mountain range. Mount Damavand has more than 16 ascend routes that 4 of them are more popular. Among the four routes of north, northeast, west and south, the south route is easiest and the most popular one. This route begins from the village of Polour. There is also a summer eco-camp on this side with Kailas tents, warm food and hot and cold drinks.

Iranian Culture

Iranian culture is one of the oldest in the region, Prior to the foundation of Islam in Iran, Persians are noted for the development of one of the oldest monotheistic religions, Zoroastrianism. Iranian culture is one of the oldest in the whole world and has influenced cultures like Italy, Greece, Russia, the Arabian Peninsula, and parts of Asia.

Iran has one of the oldest, richest and most influential art heritages in the world which encompasses many disciplines including literature, music, dance, architecture, painting, weaving, pottery, calligraphy, metalworking and stonemasonry.

History of the Persian language, Persian is spoken today primarily in Iran, Afghanistan and Tajikistan, but was historically amore widely understood language in an area

ranging from the middle East to India, significant populations of speakers in other Persian Gulf countries (Bahrein, Iraq, Oman, Republic of Yemen and the

United Arab Emirates), as well as large communities around the world.

Highlight of Iran’s Mountains

Next, we have Alamkuh. Alamkuh is the second highest mountain of Iran with 4848m. Just like Damavand, Alamkuh is in the northern mountain range and part of Alborz. It is in Mazandaran Province, the same place that Damavand is. In fact, One can get there through the city of Kelardasht and villages of Roodbarak and Vandarbon.

Third, there is the Sultan Savalan, or Sabalan. Sabalan is the third highest mountain of Iran and it is 4811m. high. It is in Ardebil province in North West of Iran. It is a favorite destination of trekking and ski. Moreover, with the Alvars ski resort there, the popularity of Sabalan as a ski destination increases. More than anything, Sabalan is famous for its ever snow-filled peaks and the lake of Sultan Peak.

Fourth, we have Zardkuh. It is part of the Zagros mountain range and closer to the southern parts of the country. Zardkuh is near the city of Chelgerd. It includes some almost leveled mountains with amazing scenery and potential for both trekking and ski. Coming close to contact with Bakhtiary Nomads is an added bonus. Travelers can enjoy this experience in Sabalan as well, but with Shahsavan Nomads.

Last, we have the Alamut. Alamut is the last of our top 5 list. it is mountain in the green Alborz famous for hosting one of the most undefeatable fortresses of all time. The fort that was the living and ruling center of a rebellion group with the name of  “Assassins”. The remnant of the fort and the green pastures and ridges of the area attracts many to this mountain.

There are many other mountains in Iran that attracts adventurers and mountaineers, however, their highlight is what was mentioned above. For more information about each of these destinations, their routes and characteristics you can refer to their pages below.

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