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Tochal mountain is one of the most popular destinations for tourists all around the world. If you are looking to spend your holidays in one of the best destinations of Iran, you are on the right website. Keep on reading to find out all the information you might need about Tochal tours and the other tours that Atour provides.

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Tochal mountain with an elevation of 3,963 meters, is a mountain located in the southern parts of Alborz mountain range. Tochal mountain has a marvelous scenery for climbers and can be a memorable experience for tourists. Tochal mountain has different facilities for skiing, trekking and other mountaineering activities.


Tochal tour

Tochal mountain Tour

Tochal mountain is a perfect choice for climbers and tourists for its beautiful scenery and facilities. When Tehran’s sky is clear, Tochal summit is clearly visible from any spot in Tehran, creating a beautiful view for the city. From Tochal complex, the whole city of Tehran is visible and its known as bam-e-Tehran which basically means the roof of the city.

Aside from an exquisite scenery and nature, Tochal mountain is one of the best equipped ski resorts in Iran. Tochal’s Tele cabin is the longest route of Cable cabin in Iran. Tochal’s cable cabin was launched in 7 stations. He last station has an altitude of 3700 meters.

Tochal hotel is a qualified accommodation which is located approximate on 3500 meters’ elevation. Staying in this hotel can be a memorable experience for the unique snowy mountain view.

Other commercial facilities are 3D cinema, zip line, bungee jumping, paintball, mountain coaster and etc.

  • Darband to Tochal peak route: Darband is one of the most popular trekking routes in Tehran. Darband route is the shortest and most commonly used path to Tochal summit.
  • Kolakchal peak route: Kolakchal route is a popular trekking route in Tehran. Located in the north ern parts of Tehran, this route is the choice of many mountain climbers with its unique scenery. Kolackchal trekking route begins at Jamshidieh Park and reaches Kolckchal camp (2600 m). Trekking up to the camp takes approximately 2 hours and the route has a gentle slope.


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Having a professional leader with skills and qualifications is a necessity in tours. Choose your tour wisely so you can avoid any problems that may befall you. If you want to have a Darbandsar tour, you need information and preparation. Finding a responsible and trustworthy firm that provides personalized tours is the most important part of you travel and can have a major effect on your experience. Atour is one of the best agencies that provides Iran tours and also collaborates with Mr. Iraj Maani.  You can check out Atour’s official website to get more information on their personalized and presented tours.

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