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Mesr Desert Tour

Mesr desert is one of the best destinations for tourists all around the world. If you are looking to spend your holidays in one of the best cities of Iran, you are on the right website. Keep on reading to find out all the information you might need about Mesr sandy desert and the tours that Atour provides.

Mesr Desert Tour

Mesr desert is one of the most popular Iran desert tours and tourist destinations in Iran. Mesr Desert is known as the most beautiful Salt desert in Iran. This ocean of gold is located near Central Desert of Iran and it is close to Isfahan and Kashan. This adventure’s duration can vary based on your preferences and the agency that you choose. A Mesr desert tour can be consisted of different parts such as exploring the sand dunes, enjoying watching the starry sky at night, experiencing sunrise and sunset scenery, riding on camels and etc. Watching sunsets and stars are popular activities in this region.

Mesr desert activities

  1. Mesr village

Mesr Desert is near a tourist village which is known as Mesr village. The most important element of the houses in Mesr village is their Iwan. The walls, domed roofs and doors which are wooden are all in harmony with the Mesr desert that surrounds this village. Beside each house, there is usually a barn where villagers raise farm animals and camels. You can find suitable accommodations and conveniences in the Mesr village.

Mesr village

  1. Khur Salt Lake

Visiting Khur Salt Lake is one of the main reasons to go to Mesr desert. Khur lake is 2,000 square kilometers in size. This lake is loaded with minerals.

Khur Salt Lake

  1. Sand Boarding

One activity you can enjoy in Mesr desert is sand boarding. Take your board to Mesr desert and enjoy sliding down.

Sand Boarding

  1. Off-roading

This activity is suitable for adrenaline fans, off-roading will be a top attraction of the desert. You can rent off-road cars in Mesr Desert.


  1. Garmeh Village

Garmeh Village is considered as one of the most beautiful highlights located near Mesr desert. Like many villages found in the desert, Garmeh village has a beautiful, peaceful and intimate atmosphere.

Garmeh Village

Final word

If you are interested in Mesr Desert in Iran, you have to choose your agency carefully. Finding a responsible and trustworthy firm that provides personalized tours is the most important part of your trip and can have a major effect on your experience. One of the companies that can provide you a personalized Iran Desert tour is Atour. The tours can vary from 2-7 days. You can check out Atour’s official website to get more information on their personalized and presented tours.

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