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Here is what most travelers want to know about Iran

As a travel agency active in the adventure tourism of Iran, we understood that there are a couple of important questions and matters that all travelers ask about, no matter where they are from. considering the nature of this page, we gathered some of these most frequently asked questions to help our travelers as well as everyone interested in traveling to Iran. Below, you will find a list of these questions about Iran on matters such as visa, currency, Hijab, and the best time of traveling.

What is the best time of trekking?
  • The high season of trekking in Iran is summer. It starts from early June and lasts till early October.
What is the best time for desert and safari tours?
  • The high season of skiing is the second half of March to end of May.
What is the best time for desert and safari tours?
  • The best time of desert safari in Iran is fall and spring.
What documents is needed for Iran visa?
  • Passport scan, filled visa application form, and personal photo. The scans should have high quality and the photo should have a white background with the participants directly facing the camera, with no hat or glasses.
How can I get an Iran visa?
  • You can send the documents to us and we will apply for you. Of course, you do not need to buy a tour from us. We do provide separate services as well. (read about it)
What is the proper dress code for women in Iran?
  • Long sleeve shirt or blouse that covers the hips, ankle length pants or skirts, headscarf. Read more here.
What is the proper dress code for men in Iran?
  • Long pants and shirt or T-shirt. It is not common for men to wear short pants.
Is Alcoholic drinks allowed in Iran?
  • No, alcoholic drinks in any form or percentage are completely illegal in Iran.
Is Iran safe to travel?
  • Yes, unlike the common believe, Iran is not dangerous to travel. It is safe for people to be out until late in most cities. It is also safe for solo travelers. You just have to avoid the problematic parts of the cities.
Do I have access to Internet in Iran?
  • Yes, you will have access to WIFI in almost all city accommodations. For mountains, you can buy a sim card with internet and use it in the mountains, local houses, and other places. Read more about the Sim Card here.
Where can I buy a Sim Card in Iran?
  • There are shops in all cities selling the sim cards of the two Iranian providers. However, the best place would be at airport and once you arrived. Read more here.
What kind of Sim Cards Iranian use?
  • Iranian have two sim-card provider, Irancell and Hamrah-e Aval. They both sell tourist sim card. Read more here.
What is the difference of Rials and Toomans?
  • Rial and Toomans are both currencies used by Iranian. Rial worth one tenth of Tooman. Therefore, each one Tooman is ten Rials.
What is the official currency of Iran?
  • The official currency is Rials. In bank transaction Iranian use Rials, however, in everyday life, in shops, supermarket and the likes, people use Toomans.
Does Atour Adventure’s traveler have insurance?
  • Yes, all our adventure tourists have insurance.
What is the difference of personal travel insurance and mountain accident insurance?
  • The personal travel insurance is the insurance that the travelers purchase from their homeland before riding the plane to Iran and has different coverages depending on the country and the providing company. On the other hand, mountain accident insurance is the type of insurance provided by Atour that covers mountain accidents. Atour provides the insurance for all its travelers.

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