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Alam Kuh Trekking

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Alam Kuh trekking is one of the most popular tours that we have in Atour Adventures and is a great choice if you are looking for an adventure in Iran. Alam kuh climbing tour consists of about 6 nights spending in the nature and it can be a great link to get to connect to the nature. Trekking this mountain can be a memorable adventure in the nature of Iran and it is one of the top activities for Iranians to do on their weekend. Moreover, this mountain has been a main choice among many foreign climbers over the past few years.


Alam Kuh Mountain with 4850 m altitude is the second highest mountain in Iran and after Damavand Mountain with 5611 m altitude, it is a must-see and an incredible place to climb in Iran. It is quite technical and trekking requires experience in mountain climbing and good physical condition. Alam Kuh`s name has been spread all over the world due to its 650-meter-high wall and its challenging and technicality for ascending it. The wall is a vertical granite wall which can be an extremely challenging way to climb to get to the summit.

Furthermore, Alam Kuh Mountain is in the Alborz Mountain range and Takht –e Soleyman Massif which has 47 peaks that all are +4000 meter. It is Mountain is located in Mazandaran, Iran.


Your adventure in Alam Kuh is a click away! You can contact us for tailoring the best suited Alam Kuh tour for you.


Alam Kuh Hiking Routes:

South: south or Hesarchal route starts from Vandarbon village in Kelardasht. The trekking starting point is from Tang-e Galoo 3200 meter high and depending on the itinerary, you would spend a night in Hesarchal camp at 3750 meter altitude. Hesarchal route is known and considered as the easiest route for Alam Kuh trekking.


North: for getting to north or Siah Sang route you must get to Kelardasht, Rudbarak, and Vandarbon and from there start your trek towards the peak. Siah Sang route is pretty challenging and difficult. Also you will need an overnight in Sarchal Hut 3700 m.

German Ridge: again first you need to get to vandarbon and get the chance to summit Alam Kuh from north through Alamchal and German Flan. German ridge can be a bit challenging and is not everyone`s first choice.

Northern Big Wall: if you want to test yourself and ascend by passing its big and technical wall, there are multiple routes for you to choose from to concur. Routes namely: Polish route, Italian route, Harry Rost route, Iranian route, Arash route, French route, and Hamedaniha route.

Selecting the best route can be confusing so you can ask our consultants to offer you the best route for you to climb the wall.


Atour Adventures` camp in Alam Kuh

Since we want to make it possible for everyone to have an amazing Alam Kuh climbing tour, we have a temporary eco-camp in Alam Kuh to provide accommodation and food services to the climbers. The camp is equipped with high altitude tents, dinning and kitchen tents, and staff to provide fresh food and help for the climbers.


When is the best time for Alam Kuh trekking?

July to September is the best time to have an Alam Kuh climbing tour, the nature is breathtaking, the weather is stable and there is running water.


Description: Alam Kuh 4850 m with being the second highest mountain in Iran is an ideal destination for trekking. Summer is the best time for Alam Kuh trekking and there are 4 main routes for summiting the mountain. Alam Kuh climbing tour is one of the top tours of Iran.

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