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Iraj Maani

Iraj Maani CEO AtourAdventoure

Iran Maani’s successful Ascends:

  • Leader of Lenin ascend (7135 m) in Kyrgyzstan summer 2013 and 2022


  • Leader of Ama Dablam ascend (6860 m) in Nepal, Fall 2019 and summer 2022


  • Ascend to summit Manaslu(8,163m) in Nepal, in 2011 and 2022


  • Ararat Peak (5136 m) – as a part of Iran`s national team in Turkey (twice)


  • Tilicho Peak (7135 m)- as a part of Iran`s national team in Nepal


  • Gasherbrum II (8035 m) in Pakistan, Summer 2009


  • Noshaq (Noshakh) (7494 m), Fall 2009


  • Dhaulagiri (8167 m)- as a part of Iran`s national team, in Nepal, Spring 2010


  • Gasherbrum I (8068 m) in Pakistan, Spring 2011


  • Gasherbrum II (8035 m) in Pakistan, Spring 2011


  • Mont Blanc (4895 m)– Alp in France


  • Ascend to summit Makalu (8464 m) in Nepal, Spring 2012


  • Ascend to summit Nanga Parbat (8125 m) in Pakistan, Winter 2014


  • Ascend to summit Lhotse twice (8511 m) in Nepal, one in Spring 2016 and one in Spring 2017


  • Leader of Aconcagua ascend (6964 m) in Argentina (twice)


  • Leader of Island Peak ascend (6125 m) in Nepal (6 times)


  • Leader of Kilimanjaro ascend (5895 m) in Tanzania (7 times)


  • Leader of Elbrus ascend (5642 m) in Russia (6 times)

Iraj Maani’s Responsibilities:

–         Leader of the national youth mountaineering team for the French Alps (ice climbing)


–         Administrator of Peyda Sho (Mylady) project in Damavand mountain and established the main base camp in the southeast of Damavand (Goosfandsara)


–         Took participant in “leadership of difficult ascends” program in Himalaya, India


–         Level 3 ice and snow coaching from mountaineering and sport climbing



–         Level 3 mountaineering coaching from mountaineering and sport climbing Federation


–         Member of the board of directors for world youth mountaineering federation (UIAA) committee


–         Chief of world youth mountaineering and sport climbing Federation


–         Coach of Iran`s national mountaineering team

Goals and advantages of being sponsor for this program

  • Being seen worldwide


  • Using the sponsor`s logo in the documentary as well as on the clothes


  • Having photograph exhibitions after the ascend with the aim of introducing the sponsor


  • Having the logo of the sponsor on the poster


  • Having the logo on the billboards of the city to introduce the sponsor


  • Passing through the geographical and cultural obstacles to get the attention of the public, then introduce the sponsor


  • Reinforcing the business and international relations


  • Having wide advertisement on the social media for increasing public


  • awareness to the aimed business purposes and having advantage compared to the rival businesses
iraj maani ceo atouradventoure


Iraj Maani was born in 1985 and started mountaineering since 1999. Ascending Sabalan mountain was his first successful achivemnt in mountaineering when he was 14 in 1999 .

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