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Ardabil tour

Ardabil is one of the best destinations for tourists all around the world. If you are looking to spend your holidays in one of the best cities of Iran, you are on the right website. Keep on reading to find out all the information you might need about Ardabil province Iran and the tours that Atour provides.

Ardabil tour

Ardabil, located in the northwestern parts of Iran, is an ancient city which is the capital of Ardabil province. Ardabil is famous for its rugs, silk and carpets. This marvelous city is listed among World Heritage Sites, for the Ardabil Shrine, the sanctuary and tomb which belongs to Shaikh Safî ad-Dîn. This city has a population of 650,000 people most of whom speak Azerbaijani although almost all residents speak Persian as their second language. Ardabil culture travel is a popular destination for tourists all around the world and is a perfect choice  if you want to have an adventure in Iran.


Top sights in Ardabil

Ardabil is one of the most important cities in terms of tourism attractions and historical monuments. More and more tourists have planned an Ardabil travel in recent years.

  1. Sheikh Safi Al-Din Ardabili’s Shrine

As it was mentioned before, Sheikh Safi Al-Din Ardabili’s Shrine is registered on the UNESCO World Heritage list. This structure was constructed between the beginning of the 16th century and the end of the 18th century. a rare ensemble of elements of medieval Islamic architecture. Sheikh Safi Al-Din Ardabili’s Shrine resembles an ensemble of elements which represents medieval Islamic architecture.

Sheikh Safi Al-Din Ardabili's Shrine

  1. Shourabil Lake

The surface of Shourabil lake is 640,000 square meters, and it is covered with a thin white layer of minerals. A walking path has been constructed which surrounds the lake and is considered as an attractive destination for the local people of Ardabil and tourists that are visiting this exquisite city.

Shourabil Lake

  1. Yeddi Goz (7 eyes) Bridge

Yeddi Goz bridge which basically means 7 eyes in English, is an ancient bridge that is constructed over Balighli river. This structured was built in the Safavid dynasty. Nowadays, due to preservation of this sight, the only use of this bridge is tourism.

Ardabil Bazaar

  1. Ardabil Bazaar

Ardabil’s grand bazaar was built in the Safavid Dynasty. This ancient bazaar was divided into various different sections and parts. Each section was assigned to a special occupation.

Ardabil Jomeh Mosque

  1. Ardabil Jomeh Mosque

Ardabil Jomeh Mosque is the remaining of a huge structure that was constructed in the Saljuqian period. This mosque is a great destination for history lovers.

Bottom line

If you are interested in a Tabriz travel you have to choose your agency carefully. Finding a responsible and trustworthy firm that provides personalized tours is the most important part of your trip and can have a major effect on your experience. One of the companies that can provide you a personalized Iran Ardabil tour is Atour. The tours can vary from 2-7 days. You can check out Atour’s official website to get more information on their personalized and presented tours.

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