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Top 5 sights in Damavand


Top 5 sights in Damavand

Damavand mountain 

Mount Damavand which is located in Iran, is known as the highest peak in western Asia. Damavand is also known as “the roof of Iran”.  Aside from its unique scenery, Damavand hiking has a cultural importance for Iranian people and plays a vital role in Iranian mythology. 

Visiting mount Damavand is a great way of connecting with Iran’s extraordinary beauty. If you want to know more about the top sights of Damavand mountain, keep on reading this article. 

Top 5 sights in Damavand

  1. Lar national park and lar dam

Lar National Park which is located in the northern part of Mount Damavand. Lar park is one of the richest habitants located in Iran. The best way to reach Lar Park is by Haraz Road. Lar Dam is located at the foot of Damavand mountain in Mazandaran province, Iran. Lar dam is located within the protected Lar National Park.

  1. Tar lake

The Tar Lake is located near mount Damavand. The water of the Tar lake origins both from the springs on the bed of the lakes and the snow on Damavand mountain that melts in warm weathers. The surface of these lakes in the winter may cover by a thin layer of ice.

  1. Qal’eh Dokhtar Waterfall

Qal’eh Dokhtar Waterfall is located in Larijan county, Mazandaran province. It lies between ‘Imam zadeh Hashem’ and ‘Plure’ Gorges. The water of the spring originated from the ‘Mian Rood’ mountain and flows towards the river. This spring can be seen all through the year.

  1. Shahandasht Waterfall

Shahandasht Waterfall lies in Amol county, Mazandaran province, and is near Shahan Dasht village. This village is located 65 kilometers from Amol county. The height of Shahandasht waterfall is approximately 180 m. It is the second-highest waterfall in Iran. This extraordinary waterfall is available throughout the year, even in the cold winters. Malek Bahman Castle is located near this marvelous waterfall. 

  1. Malek Bahman Castle

Malek Bahman is located in Amol county, Mazandaran province, and is near Shahan Dasht village. Malek Bahman Castle lies near marvelous Shahandasht waterfall. 

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Bottom line

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