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Shiraz is one of the most popular destinations for tourists all around the world. If you are looking to spend your holidays in one of the best cities of Iran, you are on the right website. Keep on reading to find out all the information you might need about Shiraz tourism and the tours for shiraz travel that Atour provides.

Shiraz, city of poets and literature

Shiraz is the capital of Fars province. This marvelous destination for tourists is known as the city of poets, literature and flowers. Vast flower gardens and fruit trees can be seen all throughout Shiraz. The population of this ancient city is 1.99 million people most of whom speak Persian. Shiraz city tour is amongst the most popular tours in Iran. Choosing a reliable Shiraz travel agency for a memorable adventure in Iran can affect the quality your experience.

Top sights in Shiraz

Shiraz is one of the most ancient cities of Iran and has a special importance in terms of literature and historical monuments. More and more tourists have decided to travel to Shiraz in recent years.

  1. Nasir ol-Mulk Mosque

Nasir Ol-Mulk mosque which is also known as the pink mosque is traditional structure which is located in Shiraz, Iran. This marvelous mosque has been constructed in Qajar dynasty. This structure is a unique architectural masterpiece. When the sun rises, Sun light passes through colorful mosaic windows and makes a beautiful scenery. Since this mosque is beautiful with the sun light, it is best to plan your visit in early mornings.


  1. Tomb of Hafez

Tomb of Hafez which is also known as Hafezieh, are two structure that are constructed in memorial of noble Persian poet, Hafez. The construction of this this complex was finished in 1773. Tomb of Hafez has a massive cultural and historical importance for literature lovers. If you are visiting Shiraz, Tom of Hafez is a place you must visit.

Tomb of Hafez

  1. Persepolis

The ancient city of Persepolis which is also known as “Takhte Jamshid”, was the capital city of Darius the Great and was founded in 512 BC. Signs of Persian architectural values and symbols can be seen all through Persepolis. Persepolis is a sign of the glory of Persian empires and a popular sight for tourists.


  1. Eram garden

Eram is a historical Persian garden located in Shiraz, Fars province. This exquisite garden is registered as one of the nine UNESCO heritage sites as Iran’s Persian Gardens. Eram garden is a suitable destination to spend an afternoon in. I you are a tourist that wants to travel to shiraz, have Eram garden on your list of must-visits.


  1. Vakil Bazaar

Vakil bazaar is one of the oldest bazaars of Iran. This beautiful structure is a great place to buy Persian rugs, spices and handicrafts. Vakil bazaar is considered as the most beautiful bazaar in Iran. Make sure you visit this bazaar during your Shiraztravel.

Bottom line

If you are interested in traveling to Shiraz you have to choose your agency carefully. Finding a responsible and trustworthy firm that provides personalized tours is the most important part of you travel and can have a major effect on your experience. One of the companies that can provide you a personalized Shiraz tour in Iran is Atour. The tours can vary from 2-7 days. You can check out Atour’s official website to get shiraz travel phone number and more information on their personalized and presented tours.

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