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Ski Resorts and Qeshm Trekking

Ski Resorts and Qeshm Trekking

$1 per person
  • Overview

Here we have ski resorts and Qeshm trekking program. This program includes skiing on the top and most popular ski resorts in Iran. The first one is Tochal Ski resort that is approximately 3700m. It is one of the most popular resorts in Iran because of being in Tehran and quite easy to get there in less than an hour from every part of the city. Second is Darbandsar. It has a 60km distance to Tehran and it is the second best and equipped resort of the country.

Last is the Dizin international ski resort. It is approximately 123km from Tehran with a minimum altitude of 2650m and a maximum of 3600m. The thing that makes Dizin popular among skiers is that it is the most equipped and the best ski resort in Iran. Each year, this resort hosts many international ski events. In addition to that, it also benefits from 23 Ski slopes, 4 gondola lifts and 2 chair lifts. All the skiers depending on their skill and interest can choose the best option that matches their need. At the end, we have a trip to the island of Qeshm, to experience a different weather and some diving. Below, you can find more details about ski resorts and Qeshm trekking program.

  •  General Equipment List for Ski


  • Sandals or Crocs
  • Sports shoes


  • Alpine ski set
  • Ski pole
  • Day backpack
  • Personal aid kit
  • Water bottle and flask
  • Sunscreen
  • Quick dry towel
  • Personal medicine
  • Cultural Extension

    • Destination: Tehran, Qeshm
    • Cultural Sites: In Tehran: Golestan Palace, Tehran Grand Bazaar, Iran National Museum. In Qeshm: Hengam Island, Chahkouh and Star valley, diving in Persian Gulf.
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  • Departure/Return Location
    Based on the departing flight we will arrange the flight.
  • Dress Code
    Ski Clothing -Headband and scarf -Sunglasses and goggles -Wool hat Gloves
  • Included
    Entrance Fee to visited sites
    Means of carrying loads
    Visa reference code
  • Not Included
    Ascend Permits
    City Tour Guide
    Coffee Services
    mountain Accidents Insurance
    Mountain Guide

Tour Plan

Tochal lift
Dizin hotel

Tour Location

  • Itinerary

Here is what happens on each day

Day 1: Arrival to Tehran (1189m) 

Now, the ski resorts and Qeshm trekking program officially begins. After arrival to IKA airport and meeting the Atour Adventure agent there, you will head to Hotel in Tehran. Naturally, the arrangement of this day is highly depended on your arrival time.

Day 2: Skiing in Tochal resort (~3700m) 

After breakfast, we will have a transfer to Tochal Ski resort. We will ride lifts to the resort and then ski until around two in the afternoon. Then, we will head down back to the first station. Here, the car is waiting to take us to the next destination that is Darbandsar Resort. With a 2-3 hour drive, we get there and check in to Shemshak hotel. The overnight is in hotel, and the meals are in restaurant.

Day 3: Skiing in Darbandsar resort (~3750m)

Now, we will have a full day skiing in Darbandsar Ski Resort. For the night, we will head back down and check in to Shemshak hotel. The overnight will be in hotel and the meals in restaurant.

Day 4: Skiing in Dizin resort (~3800m) 

After breakfast, we will head to Dizin and check in to Dizin hotel. We will enjoying skiing until the resort closes down. Then, we will head to the hotel for rest. The overnight will be in hotel, the meals in restaurant.

Day 5: Skiing in Dizin resort (~3800m) 

Today, we have another full day of skiing in Dizin Ski Resort. After the skiing, we will descend and head to Tehran. The overnight is in hotel in Tehran and meals in restaurant.

Day 6: Flight to Qeshm and sightseeing (237m)

We will have a domestic flight to Qeshm and then a half day of sight seeing in Qeshm. For the night we will stay in hotel.

Day 7: Qeshm sightseeing and trekking (237m) 

On this day, we have a full day sightseeing of Qeshm and return to the hotel for the night. Based on the weather condition the guide will decide which of the sites we will visit. However, the list of visited attractions are below.

Day 8: Qeshm sightseeing and trekking (237m)

Another full day of Qeshem sightseeing. Although the guide will decide the order of the visits, we will definitely have one day of diving in the magnificent Persian Gulf. The overnight is in hotel.

Day 9: Back to Tehran (1189m)

Now, we have to return to Tehran. A domestic flight will take us back to Tehran. The arrangement of the day highly depends on the time of flight. We then will go to hotel and rest.

Day 10: Tehran city tour (1189m) 

As the last day of the trip, we get to enjoy the beauty of Tehran as the capital of Iran. For this day, we will choose highlights of Tehran cultural and historic sites and visit them.

Day 11: Time to say goodbye

Departure. Based on the departing flight we will arrange the flight.

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