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Alamkuh and Damavand Ski Touring

Alamkuh and Damavand Ski Touring

$1 per person

Here we have Alamkuh and Damavand ski touring package. For this program, we will summit the two highest mountain of Iran Alamkuh and Damavand. Alamkuh Mountain is 4848m and famous for the big wall of its north face. Because of the big wall and the paths to the summit, Alamkuh became one of the most technical mountains of Iran.

On the other hand, Damavand is the highest mountain with a cultural importance. In Iranian mythology it is the place where the borders of the country are defined. Arash, the master archer, stands over this mountain and determines the border with an arrow. The program starts and ends in Tehran. At last, we have a one-day city tour of Tehran and the program comes to an end. Here comes the Alamkuh and Damavand ski touring program.

Cultural Extension

  • Destination: Tehran City Tour
  • Cultural Sites: Golestan Palace, Tehran Grand Bazaar, Iran National Museum

 General Equipment List for Ski


  • Sleeping bag with -5 comfort
  • Mattress


  • Sandals or Crocs
  • Sports shoes
  • Trekking shoes


  • Ski touring ski
  • Skin
  • Boot
  • Crampons
  • Repair kit
  • Telescopic or fixed ski poles with large plate


  • Duffle bag
  • Day backpack 30-40 Liter


  • Personal aid kit
  • Water bottle and flask
  • Pocket knife
  • Sunscreen
  • Crampons
  • Carabiner
  • Sling
  • Avalanche transceiver
  • Avalanche probe
  • Ice axe
  • Snow shovel
  • Mountaineering harness
  • Rope cord 7mm/10m long
  • Headlamp with spare batteries
  • Quick dry towel
  • Personal medicine


Level of Difficulty: 5 of 5

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  • Dress Code
    Trekking socks-Ski socks-Base layer top and Bottom-Synthetic mid-layer-Windproof and waterproof pants-Windproof and waterproof jacket-Thick down jacket-Ski touring pants-Fleece or wool jacket-Fleece or wool pants-Long sleeve t-shirt-Warm hat-Base layer gloves-Over gloves-Expedition gloves-Balaclava-Headband and scarf-Sunglasses and goggles-Helmet-Gaiters
  • Included
    Ascend Permits
    City Tour Guide
    Means of carrying loads
    Mountain Guide
    Visa reference code
  • Not Included
    Coffee Services
    Entrance Fee to visited sites
    mountain Accidents Insurance

Tour Plan

Gosfandsara / Mosque
Bargah Sevom Shelter
Bargah Sevom Shelterer

Tour Location

Day 1: Arrival to Tehran (1189m) 

Here comes Alamkuh – Damvand ski touring program. After arriving to IKA airport and meeting Atour Adventure agent, you will head to a hotel in Tehran to get some rest.

Day 2: Heading to Vandarbon (2250m)

Now, we drive to Kelardasht (~ 5 hours – 1107m) and then head to Roodbarak and Vandarbon (2250m). For the night, we will stay in the mountaineering lodge of Vandarbon. For lunch, we will have restaurant food, and the guide prepares the dinner in the lodge.

Day 3: Transfer to Kalbozan (2800m)

On this day, 4×4 cars will take us to Kalbozan area where we would camp for the night. The driving time depends on the road condition. On arriving, we would set up camps. Every day and after ski touring, we will return to this camp. Guide will prepare the meals.

Day 4: Acclimatization on Gardooneh Kuh or Lashgarak (~4200m) 

Ski touring to Hesarchal and then Gardooneh Kuh or Lashgarak peak. After summit, we will ski down to Kalbozan for the night again. The overnight is in camp and the guide prepares the meals.

Day 5: Ski touring on the Alamkuh Mount (4848m) 

This is our summit day, we will ski tour to Hesarchal and then Alamkuh summit (4848m). Then, we will ski down to Kalbozan and then ride 4x4s to Vandarbon. We have another night in lodge. Our guide will arrange for the meals.

Day 6: Transfer to Polour (2300m) 

Now is the time to head to our next destination. We will drive to Polour (2300m) and rest in the mountaineering lodge. We might have to replace it with Rineh/local house based on the availability. We have to prepare ourselves for the Damavand (5610).

Day 7: Ascending to Bargah Sevom shelter (4200m) 

In the morning and after breakfast we ride 4×4 cars to the trailhead. Then, we have to ascend to Bargah Sevom Shelter (4200m) which will take around 4-5 hours. The overnight will be at the Bargah Sevom shelter.

Day 8: Summiting the big mountain (5610m) 

Early in the morning, we head to Damavand. After summiting Damavand, participants will ski down to Bargah Sevom Shelter and enjoy the rest of the day and night at the shelter.

Day 9: Reserve Day

As it is the ski season, the weather might be quite unstable. So the participants must be prepared for any change of the weather. The reserve day is here for that purpose and can replace the summit day.

Day 10: Back to Tehran (1189m) 

Eventually, the participants ski down to Gosfandsara where the transfer is ready to take them to Polour/Rineh for a transfer to Tehran. The overnight would be in hotel. For lunch and dinner, we head to restaurant.

Day 11: Tehran city tour (1189m)

As a final touch, we will have a city tour of Tehran. Naturally, the trip is incomplete without a taste of Iran’s culture, art and architecture. In the evening, we will return to hotel to get ready for the departing flight.

Day 12: Time to say goodbye

Departure. Based on your flight time, we will arrange an airport transfer.

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