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Chelgerd-Doberar-Damavand Ski Touring

Chelgerd-Doberar-Damavand Ski Touring

$1 per person

Here, we have Chelgerd-Doberar-Damavand ski touring program. First, we will have a domestic flight to Isfahan and then a drive to Chelgerd. Zard-Kuh area is famous for having some “almost leveled” mountains that have possibility for ski mountaineering. In this program, depending on the snow and weather condition in the region we would choose different peaks in the area and ski there. Some of these mountains are Dozardeh, Shahriari, Kolon Chi, Shah Shahidan, Aab Sefid, Haft Tanan, Shah Mansuri, Robat Khan, Bazoft, and Mazon.

Then with a domestic flight, we get to Tehran and head to Polour. We will have couple of days ski touring in the Doberar ridge and then head for the big mountain. With a final touch that is a city tour of Tehran, we will finish the tour. Below is more detail about Chelgerd-Doberar-Damavand ski touring program.

Cultural Extension

  • Destination: Isfahan, Tehran
  • Cultural Sites: In Isfahan: Naghsh-e Jahan Square, Imam Mosque, Sheikh Lotf Allah Mosque, Ali Qapu Palace, Qeysarieh Portal and Bazar, and Si-o-She Pol (bridge) In Tehran: Golestan Palace, Tehran Grand Bazaar, and Iran National Museum.

Equipment List



  • Sleeping bag with -5 comfort
  • Mattress


  • Sandals or Crocs
  • Sports shoes
  • Trekking shoes


  • Sandals or Crocs
  • Sports shoes
  • Trekking shoes


  • Duffle bag
  • Day backpack 30-40 Liter


  • Personal aid kit
  • Water bottle and flask
  • Pocket knife
  • Sunscreen
  • Crampons
  • Carabiner
  • Sling
  • Avalanche transceiver
  • Avalanche probe
  • Ice axe
  • Snow shovel
  • Mountaineering harness
  • Rope cord 7mm/10m long
  • Headlamp with spare batteries
  • Quick dry towel
  • Personal medicine
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  • Included
    Entrance Fee to visited sites
    Means of carrying loads
    Visa reference code
  • Not Included
    Ascend Permits
    City Tour Guide
    Coffee Services
    mountain Accidents Insurance
    Mountain Guide

Tour Plan

Cherry pass
Cherry pass
Polour Lodge
Local house
Gosfandsara / Mosque
Bargah Sevom Shelter

Tour Location

Day 1: Arrival to Tehran (1189m)

Now, the Chelgerd-Doberar-Damavand ski touring program officially begins. By arriving to IKA airport at Tehran (1189m), Atour Adventure agent will welcome you and then we will head to a hotel in Tehran.

Day 2: Flight to Isfahan (1590m)  and transfer to Chelgerd (2390m) 

Today, we will drive to Mehr Abad airport for a domestic flight to Isfahan. By arriving there, we will head to Chelgerd and then rest at a local house.

Day 3: Ski touring around Chelgerd (2390m) 

Now, we will choose some of the mountains in the area for ski touring. A short drive will take us to the trailhead and then we will begin. For the night, we stay at a local house.

Day 4: Ski touring around Chelgerd (2390m) 

We have another day of ski touring in Zagros region, Zardkuh mountains. After ski touring, we will get to a local house and spend the night there.

Day 5: Transfer to Isfahan (1590m) 

After breakfast, we head to Isfahan and then have a half-day sightseeing of Isfahan. If the road condition is not favorable, we will not have a sightseeing on this day.

Day 6: Isfahan city tour, flight to Tehran (1189m), transfer to Polour (2300m)

On this day, we have a half-day city tour of Isfahan. Then we head to the airport for a domestic flight to Tehran. On arriving to Mehr Abad airport, we will drive to Polour. The overnight is in lodge.

Day 7: Doberar ski touring (4250m)

Now, we drive to the trailhead and ski tour in the Doberar region. Then we will return to Polour for the night. Note that the accommodation might be replaced with local house. We will have lunch box and for dinner, we are at local house or lodge.

Day 8: Doberar ski touring (4250m) 

Again, we drive to the trailhead and ski tour in the Doberar region. After that, we will head to Polour or a local house. Lunch is in form of lunchbox, dinner is in the local house or lodge and the guide prepares it.

Day 9: Ski touring to Bargah Sevom (4200m)

Here, we drive to the trail head, as much as the road condition allows it. Then, we will begin and ski tour to Bargah Sevom shelter.  The overnight will be in shelter.

Day 10: Summiting Damavand (5610m) 

Summit day. Early in the morning, we will head to the Damavand summit (5610m) and then ski down to the shelter. We have lunchbox and dinner is in shelter.

Day 11: Reserve Day

As it is the ski season, the weather might be quite unstable. So the participants must be prepared for any change of the weather. The reserve day is here for that purpose and can replace the summit day.

Day 12: Back to Tehran (1189m) 

Ski down to the trailhead and drive back to Polour. Here, we will meet our transfer to Tehran. On arriving to Tehran, we will check in to hotel and then rest for the next day.

Day 13: Tehran city tour (1189m) 

It is time for a taste of culture and adventure. On this day, we will have a city tour of Tehran. In the evening, we will return to hotel for rest. Meals are in restaurant.

Day 14: Time to say goodbye

This day marks the end of Chelgerd-Doberar-Damavand ski touring program. Based on the flight, we will arrange for the airport transfer.

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