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Trekking on Sabalan and Damavand

Trekking on Sabalan and Damavand

$1 per person

The program includes ascending Damavand (5671 meters) and Sabalan (4811 meters) in the mentioned order. Damavand is the highest mountain of Iran with a cultural significance. It is mentioned in Iranian mythology that the border of Iran was determined by an arrow that was thrown from this mountain. There are 16 routes to summit Damavand that three of them are the most popular; among which the south face route being the most famous and the easiest one. It is the passage that is used in this program.

Sabalan mountain which is famous for its unique and noble crater lake at the top, is the third highest mountain of Iran. the route we take is thorough the eastern face, and more interestingly we set up our camp exactly next to nomads. At the end of the program, to get a taste of Iran’s Culture as well, there is a one-day city tour of Tehran. The adventurer, gets to experience summiting the highest mountain of Iran and the only mountain with a crater lake on the top get a glimpse of its culture as well.

Level of Difficulty:

  • Damavand/ south face: 4 of 5
  • Sabalan (nomad camp/ east face): 3 of 5

Physical Fitness:

If you are a mountaineer with background of ascending 4000 m. mountains then you have nothing to worry, but if you don’t then start working out. In case of Damavand, more than physical fitness the altitude might cause problems. So we highly suggest to at least challenge yourself by trying some hiking routes.


  • Tehran and Sarein Hotel: We can arrange for any hotel or hostel in Tehran and Sareyn. We suggest 4* hotels that are economical and have good quality services, but based on your request, we can reserve any hotel you want.
  • Polour Lodge: Polour mountaineering lodge is a building with numerous rooms and bunk beds, a dining section, kitchen and store. The kitchen is just for cooking and foods are not sold there, and the store has some basic stuff so don’t expect diversity.
  • Bargah Sevom Lodge: The lodge is in two stories and in the altitude of 4200 m. It has rooms with bunk beds, a dining section and kitchen that sells warm food and some basic stuff. The shelter doesn’t have a shower.
  • Atour Camp: The Damavand camp is in the altitude of 4200 m. with a 5-minute distance to Bargah Sevom Lodge. The eco-camp was set up by Atour Adventure and we are very proud to be the first agency to make an eco-camp on the south face of the Damavand and Nomads area in Sabalan. Both camps follow the rules of eco-camps in world and are made to have the least influence on the area.


  • Ardebil – Sareyn: Asphalted Road in good condition.
  • Sareyn – Shahbil: Asphalted Road in good condition.
  • Shahbil – Nomad camp: Dirt Road in good condition only with 4×4.
  • Tehran – Haraz- Polour: Asphalted Road in good condition.
  • Polour – Gosfandsara: Dirt Road in good condition only with 4×4.

How is the Weather

  • Spring:
    • Damavand & Sabalan: the temperature is unstable with frequent storms and wind, from the last month of spring, the weather gets stable and trekking is possible.
  • Summer:
    • Damavand & Sabalan: the temperature goes down to -2 at its coldest, the precipitation is low, and it is the best season for trekking.
  • Fall:
    • Damavand & Sabalan: the storms begin slowly, for the first month, the ascend is possible with simple winter gears, but as the end of season is approached full heavy winter gears is needed.
  • Winter
    • Damavand & Sabalan: temperature goes down up to -50, there might be heavy precipitation, storm, and wind.

Remember That

  • Here in Atour, we attempt to consider all the possibilities that might affect the performing of a trip, however, there might be geographical, political or social unexpected incidents that might influence the program and require changes like bad weather.
  • We usually suggest Reserve Day for ascents in fall and winter because of the unstable weather. Naturally, the nonrefundable cost of the day is added to the total sum of the trip that if not used will not be returned to the travelers.
  • The Atour’s camp are summer camps and are taken down before the heavy snow of each destination begins, therefore, the accommodation might not be Atour Camp.
  • Based on your physical fitness and mountaineering history, you can request changes to program, like omitting the acclimatization day/s or cultural city tours. You may also ask for addition of such days.
  • The luggage’s would be carried by mules in both destinations up to the camp, after that you can leave your packages in camp and ascend with light backpacks.

What we suggest and offer

  • Cultural tours (Tehran, Kashan, Isfahan, Shiraz, Yazd, Kerman, and …)
  • Shopping Assistance (we can arrange for a shopping time and a person to help you)
  • Domestic Flight

What You Need to have for This Trip

  • Valid Passport – that has at least six months to its expiry date.
  • Iran Visa – there are different ways of getting Iran Visa.
    • E-Visa: You can go to Eviza website, fill the form and when granted, obtain the visa from embassy or consulate. Iran doesn’t have embassy in some countries, if your country is one of that, then you have to go to one of the Iranian Interest Offices.
    • On Arrival: Next you can have an On Arrival visa that is obtained in airport, both with a reference code or without it.
      • Reference Code: The reference code is what agencies give you that speeds up the visa process. The reference code is also a guarantee that shows you will definitely get a visa. For the citizens of countries like USA, England, Canada, Iraq, Colombia, Jordan, Sumali, Pakistan and Srilanka, even with reference code, the visa should be obtained in the country of origin.
      • No Reference Code: this approach has more risk and take more time. The citizens of countries like USA, England, Canada, Iraq, Colombia, Jordan, Sumali, Pakistan and Srilanka, Afghanistan, and Bangladesh can’t use this approach.
    • Rials (currency) – the rate of currency is not stable and therefore we can’t give a definit price here, but there is a very important point regarding Iran’s currency. The official currency is Rial, but people use Tooman which is one tenth of Rial. It’s mainly because the Rial has too many zeros. Each 10,000 Rials is 1000 toomans. People usually go with toomans so you need to omit a zero on all the cashes you have. You can also apply for a tourist card and transfer your money to the card (up to 5000 $). Whatever remains in the card can be retrieved in exchange shops.
  • Hijab – all women that want to enter Iran should follow a dress code that includes head scarf, long sleeve shirt (preferably long enough to cover the backside), and pants or long skirt (up to ankles).
  • Alcohol – Alcohol is banned in Iran, however, some hotels and restaurants serve non-alcoholic bears.
  • A trusted local – a good agency to have your back in the country and help you with everything you might need is the final thing you need in your trip to Iran.

Equipment You Need to Bring

For Summer Ascent:


  • Sports Shoes / Sandals
  • Trekking shoes category B
  • Trekking socks + replacement

General equipment

  • sunglasses
  • towel
  • sun cream
  • Day and hiking backpack approx. 25 l
  • Rain cover for backpack
  • Telescopic hiking poles (who would like)
  • Headlamp with spare batteries
  • Sleeping bag up to – 5 ° in the comfort area
  • Sleeping mat (Therm-a-rest self-inflatable)
  • waterproof bag for documents
  • Drinking bottle or hydration system at least 1 liter
  • Insect repellent for skin and possibly for clothing
  • First aid kit (including blister plaster, tape, disinfection)
  • small travel pharmacy
  • important personal medicines (hand luggage!)


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  • Included
    Ascend Permits
    City Tour Guide
    Entrance Fee to visited sites
    Mountain Guide
  • Not Included
    Coffee Services
    Means of carrying loads
    mountain Accidents Insurance
    Visa reference code

Tour Location

Day 1: Arrival day

Based on the time of the participants’ arrival, transfer is arranged. When arriving, Atour guide is waiting to accompany the participants to their next destination. Tehran is around 1189m above sea level with dry weather. Immediately after the arrival, the transfer to Mehrabad is arranged which is followed by a domestic flight to Ardebil (1351m.). Outside Ardebil Airport, transfer waits for the participants to take them to the city of Sarein (1650m). Overnight: Hotel │ Trekking: 0h│Drive: approx. 1.5 h│ Meals: B, L, D │ Ascended altitude: 0m

Day 2: Ardebil “Land of Snow and Hot Springs”

In the morning and after breakfast, a city tour of Ardebil (1351m) awaits the participants. For the city tour, the adventurers return to Ardebil and after their city tour, get back to Sarein (1650m.) again.  On this day, the highlights of Ardebil City are visited. Today is arranged so that the participants ease the tension from the long trip and of course enjoy the beautiful architecture and arts of the Azaris. The overnight will be in hotel. Overnight: local house │ Trekking: 0h│Drive: approx. 1h│ Meals: B, L, D │ Ascended altitude: 299m

Day 3: Let the Journey Begins

And the adventure begins. The participants will be heading to Shahbil village with the height of 2600 meters above sea level, then there is a 4X4 drive provided to take the sacks and equipment near the camp at height 3000 meters. At this altitude, the participants can enjoy camping near the nomads. One the most important and interesting parts of this journey is to spend time near Shahsavan nomads. Overnight: Camp │Trekking: 2h │ Drive: approx. 1.5 h │ Meals: B, L, D │ Ascended altitude: 400m

Day 4: Here comes the trekking

After breakfast, the sacks will be gathered and the extras will be carried by car or mules, and the participant, carrying necessary stuffs trek to 3700 meters. Here, the guide will set up camp and another night is spent under the stars. The participants can spend the rest of the day wandering in the fields. Overnight: camp │ Trekking: 4h │Drive: approx. 0h│ Meals: B, L, D │Ascended altitude: 700m

Day 5: The Acclimatization Day

To smooth the climb for Mount Sabalan, the participants need to acclimatize. Therefore, the participants will have a trekking day to the altitude of 4200 meters. The trek begins after the breakfast and then the participants will return to camp for the night. Overnight: camp │ Trekking: 3h │ Drive: 0h │ Meals: B, L, D │ Ascended altitude: 500m

Day 6: The Summiting Day

This is the summiting day. The trek starts early in the morning, the sacks and bags will be gathered to be ready for the return and the participants head to the Sabalan Peak with 4811m altitude. After the summit and descend, the participants will head back to Sarein to spend the night in hotel. Overnight: Hotel │ Trekking: 6h │ Drive: approx. 3h │ Meals: B, L, D │ Ascended altitude: 1000m

Day 7: Goodbye Ardebil, Hello Polour

Today is the day to say goodbye to Sabalan and hot springs and Shahsavan nomads, after breakfast and check out, the participants will head to Ardebil Airport for a domestic flight to Tehran. After arrival to Tehran, there is a transferred arranged to take them straight to Polour village (2300 Meters). There you can stay the night in mountaineering federation lodge. Overnight: lodge │Trekking: 0h│Drive: approx. 3-4 h│ Meals: B, L, D│ Ascended altitude: 0m

Day 8: Say hello to Damavand

After having breakfast and packing stuffs, there is 4X4 transfer provided to take the participants to Gosfandsara at 3200 meters. The loads and packages will be carried by mules and the mountaineers will trek to Bargah Sevom shelter at 4200. After reaching Bargah Sevom they can rest in the camp to re-energize. Overnight: Camp │Trekking: 3h│Drive: approx. 1 h│ Meals: B, L, D│ Ascended altitude: 1200m

Day 9: On the roof of Iran

Eventually, the summiting day comes. The participants start trekking early in the morning in order to top the summit at time. After summiting, they descend back to Bargah Sevom and spend the rest of the day and night in camp. Overnight: Camp │Trekking: 7h │Drive: 0 h│ Meals: B, L, D │Ascended altitude: 1400m

Day 10: Get back to Tehran

Plainly, the journey is getting close to end. Today, the participants will pack the bags and equipment and head back to Gosfandsara then ride 4X4s to Polour mountaineering lodge. After the lunch at polour, participants will head to a hotel in Tehran. Overnight: Hotel │Trekking: 2h│Drive: approx. 1 h│ Meals: B, L, D│ Ascended altitude: 0m

Day 11, Tehran Sightseeing

It’s time to get familiar with history, culture and art of Iran. A city tour is arranged for this day, and the highlights of Tehran is visited. The night will be spent in hotel. Overnight: Hotel │ Trekking: 0h│Drive: 30min│ Meals: B, L, D │ Ascended altitude: 0m

Day 12, Time to say goodbye

It’s time to say goodbye.  depending on the schedule and departure time, a transfer from hotel to IKA airport is arranged.

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