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Damavand SkiMo Event

Damavand SkiMo Event

Damavand SkiMo Event

In May 2019, and following the new focus on advertising Iran as an adventure destination, a competition was held titled Ski Mountaineering International Festival or Damavand SkiMo Event. For this event, the Seven Summit SkiMo Club and Atour adventure group joined hand. The event is also part of the ISMF series races recognized and supervised by both ISMF and Iran Mountaineering Federation. Atour presents and tailors the best customized all kinds of Iran’s most popular tours like Iran cycling tour and Damavand tour for you.

After months of working and responding to different athletes who wanted to take part in the event, finally, on May 11th 2019 the festival officially began. The first step after the airport transfers and a one night rest was the athletes’ registration. We had participants from Austria, Switzerland, Catalan and Iran. Participants arrived one by one and got their registration package which included their participation number and badge as well as the detailed itinerary of the event. Later that day, we gathered together for the opening ceremony.

The Begining of the Competition

On the second day (May 12th) , Damavand Skimo event officially started by sky running race. The start point was at the altitude of 2100 meters. The participants were expected to finish a path of 8 km to reach to the altitude of   3000 meters where they would pass the finish line. Here is the list of the winners:

Damavand SkiMo Event: Ski Running Women Category:

  • First Place: Sophie Andrey – Switzerland
  • Second Place: Farzane Sharifi – Iran
  • Third Place: Julia Casanovas – Catalan

Damavand SkiMo Event: Ski Running Men Category:

  • First Place: Christian Hoffman – Austria
  • Second Place: Sattar Seyd – Iran
  • Third Place: Jordi Allis Catalan

The third day of the event or May 13th was the time for the Ski Mountaineering race in Sprint category. The night before, the athletes have been briefed about the race, the routes and the rules. On this day, and after a short review, they started the game. The competition started at 3250 meters. Here are the winners of the sprint race in both Women and Men categories:

Damavand SkiMo Event: Women Sprint Category:

  • First Place: Julia Casanovas – Catalan
  • Second Place: Sophie Andrey – Switzerland
  • Third Place: Marzie Baha – Iran

Damavand SkiMo Event: Men Sprint Category:

  • First Place: Pau Coll – Catalan
  • Second Place: Christian Hoffman – Austria
  • Third Place: Jordi Allis – Catalan

The last day of the event or May 14th, was the time that the Ski Mountaineering event in Vertical Category took place. Again and like the previous day, the athletes have been briefed about the competition one night before. With a short review of what was said, the competition began. The athletes participated in a race which started at 3250 meters and ended in 3950 meters above the sea level. And the winners of the vertical race in both women and men category were:

Damavand SkiMo Event: Women Vertical Category:

  • Sophie Andrey – Switzerland
  • Julia Casanovas – Catalan
  • Marzie Baha – Iran

Damavand SkiMo Event: Men Vertical Category:

  • Christian Hoffman – Austria
  • Jordi Allis – Catalan
  • Pau Coll – Catalan

On May 15th and 16th, for the purpose of sharing knowledge and experiences, a group ascended Damavand led by the head of the festival “Mr. Hossein Salehi” to create a great memory for upcoming years. After ascending Damavand, the winners received their rewards and medals from organizers of the festival. The event came to an end with a final touch and a visit to the cultural sites of Tehran.

To know more about the festival or the availability in the following years, contact us.

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