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Corona Virus in Iran and How Everything Is


Corona Virus in Iran and How Everything Is

Greetings from an Iran that, just like the rest of the world, is still dealing with the Covid-19 virus. We are writing to those who planned to visit Iran and had to cancel due to the Corona Pandemic. In this post, we explain what happened here, how things are now, and what we know of the future. It will be a privilege to give useful information and perhaps help with any future plan for traveling to Iran. You have to know all the restrictions and cautions before starting your adventure in Iran and booking one of the most popular tours of Iran like Iran ski tour .

The Beginning of Coronavirus

It was around early February that the first few cases of patients infected with Coronavirus surfaced in Iran. Immediately after its announcement, the Ministry of Health and Medical Education advised citizens to stay at home, follow social distancing, use surgical masks when outside and wash their hands constantly. It was unfortunate that the surfacing of the virus coincided with the New Year celebration of Iranian. We spend Nowruz, which is a time of being together and meeting family and relatives, in isolation. Furthermore, with the speed of new cases admitted to the hospitals, they predicted a minimum of three months before the pandemic peak period passes.

Present Condition of Coronavirus

Naturally, we got worried about ourselves and the elderlies which seemed to be more vulnerable to the Covid-19 virus. Then, we struggled economically as the businesses closed down one after another especially in Tourism Industry which faced the most financial loss. We volunteered to help patients and medical staff in every way we knew; celebrated the flourishing of earth and the freedom of animals in the absence of humans; mourned for animals that were dependent on humans for survival and now were left hungry; lost loved ones and couldn’t even properly send them off. Nevertheless, we survived, we remained optimistic and hopeful for the day we can have human interaction without fear or caution.

Never in our life were we so dependent on being online. Everything became online, online classes, online courses, online shopping, online sightseeing, and online working. We had only our smartphones and WiFi. We learned how to work from home, how to have online meetings, and how to keep the business afloat. Now, after three months of minimum human interaction, it seems safe enough to do some minimum communication; albeit with observing all the health advice. Besides, many of the educational units are opening again, the tour operators run domestic tours, and the companies are back into the office; no more remote working.

Coronavirus From Now On

Although it’s difficult to predict how things will be in the future, it seems everything is getting better and better. We know that at best we will still be dealing with the virus until late August. However, we are working as before, promoting Iran and its many attractions to the world in the hope of a future where everybody can visit and enjoy our country. We hope to host everybody that had to cancel their trip in the year that is coming. At the end, we have to apologize for the late replies or miscommunications, it was all too new and we had to figure out how to deal with the situation.

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