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Iran ski for sport enthusiasts


Iran ski for sport enthusiasts

Iran officially known as the Islamic Republic of Iran, is a country in Western Asia located in the Middle-East. Iran has many extraordinary ski resorts. and more than hundred peaks over 4000m, Therefore, ski touring in Iran is a very common adventure for nature and sports lovers. ski touring in Iran can be a perfect choice for you because ski touring in Iran is safe and very professional. The best period for skiing in Tehran is from January to the end of March. Regarding weather conditions, ski resorts in Iran are open from the end of November and the beginning of May. In southern parts of the country, skiing season is shorter but usually lasts until the end of March. Off-season, most resorts for Iran ski are open for climbers, hikers and trekking. check out Damavand tour if you are looking for even more adventure.

One of the favorite tours of tourists is Iran ski packages. Keep on reading to find out all the information you need in order to have an adventurous experience.


Iran ski resorts

  1. Damavand resort

Mount Damavand is the highest ski resort in the middle-east and is a well-known spot for winter sport activities. Damavand Ski Resort is a suitable place for wild ski touring, off-piste ski tour and snowboarding. Mount Damavand receives a suitable amount of snowfall during the year, especially in winter.

  1. Sabalan resort

Sabalan resort is the second standard ski resort in Iran. Most of the Sabalan peaks are covered with snow and ice and glaciers permanently all year long. There is a ski resort called “Alvars” in Sabalan area.The height of its highest peak which is called “Sultan Savalan” reaches 4,811 meters. Alvars resrt is a popular resort.

  1. Tochal resort

The highest ski resort for skiing in Tehran which is extend up to an altitude of 3,850 meters is Tochal resort. there are 6 km of slopes available for skiing and snowboarding.

  1. Dizin resort

In the list of the best tehran ski resorts, the ski resort Dizin is top with 2.9 out of 5 stars. For skiing and snowboarding, there are 18 km of slopes available in this resort. Dizin is the largest ski resort in Iran.

  1. Darbandsar resort

The Darbandsar ski resort is located in the Tehran Province. For skiing and snowboarding, there are 11 km of slopes available in this resort.

  1. Zagros–Chelgerd Region Ski resort

You can enjoy fresh snow and epic slopes at 3000 to 4000 meters’ peaks in Zagros–Chelgerd Region Ski resort.

Tips for skiing in Iran

  1. Having a professional leader with skills and qualifications is a necessity in tours. Choose your tour wisely so you can avoid any problems that may befall you.
  2. Bring your own suitable clothing. For skiing it is recommended that you take: Ski boots or snowboard boots – Skis or snowboard – Poles – Backpack – Helmet – Goggles – gloves- Warm hat – Sunglasses – Neck warmer – thermal top – Waterproof ski jacket – Waterproof ski trousers – Waterproof gloves or mittens – Thermal bottoms – 2 pairs of socks
  3. Choose your route wisely. Depending on the weather conditions and your level of skiing skills you should choose your route to the resort.

Bottom line

Iran ski is the perfect way to connect to Iranian nature and have an exciting adventure with your friends and family. Finding a responsible and trustworthy firm that provides personalized tours is the most important part of you travel and can have a major effect on your experience. You can check out Atour’s official website to get more information on their personalized and presented tours.

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