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Travel Like A Pro


Travel Like A Pro

Seeing the world and travelling can be an amazing experience. Over time as you travel more, you gain much more experience and learn how to travel more like a pro. However if you are at the beginning of our journey and don`t want to lose time and energy just gathering the experience, we have written a short but valuable blog just to give you the right idea and direction to Iran tour packages like a pro. Keep on reading to learn the best tips for the best tours of Iran like ski touring in Iran .

  1. Have an extra bank card with yourself. Well, you should think about every tiny detail in advance so that you can have a relaxed vacation! Having an extra credit card with yourself can be a game changer since you will completely depend on it and if something happens to it, you can be trouble. Accordingly, you need to have another bank account for this.
  2. Traveling solo. It may not be for everyone, but if you come out of your comfort zone and try this it is very likely that you cannot go back to group traveling. Through traveling solo you can challenge yourself and meet new people and gain lots of experience.
  3. Don`t forget about local food! Trying new food is the part of the experience and culture of a nation. In addition it can be a good way to save money during your travel. Try to have some research beforehand to know the name of the food or ask local people for recommendation.
  4. Watch out for pickpockets! As found in your hometown, pickpockets can be anywhere so the smart move is to avoid so crowded places and just be careful with your belongings.
  5. Be cautious at night. It is no secret that nights are more dangerous since everywhere is dark and quiet. Don`t have walks alone and avoid dark and quiet places.
  6. Have a padlock. If you have plans to stay in hostel, it is better to have a padlock just in case.
  7. Have some copies of your passport. The best way to be relax and really enjoy yourself is to have everything prepared in advance. So, make some copies of your passport and other documents so that in case of emergency you can have some proof.
  8. Travel insurance! Never neglect it. It is a real necessity and can be all for your good.  With no travel insurance in hand, you will risk big costs like medical or losing luggage.
  9. Let your family and friends know! It is a very smart and necessary move to let your family and friends know about your plan and itinerary.
  10. Have some walking tours. It`s a great way for seeing the beauties of the destination city and can be fun and also a good way for meeting new people.
  11. Avoid popular touristic restaurants. They can be ridiculously expensive and waste of money. Instead you can try the local food and enjoy the exotic food that you cannot find home.
  12. Book your flights in advance. Doing this can be a great way to save some bucks and also a great comfort that you are in control and have an itinerary to stick to.

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