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Trip to Iran, a memorable experience

Iran is a beautiful country with a rich culture. People of Iran are known for being friendly and hospitable. Iran tour packages are getting more and more popular among the tourists. Iran tour packages price are very economical and suitable you can definitely find a tour in your budget in Iran travel package. Having a professional leader with skills and qualifications is a necessity in tours. Choose your tour wisely so you can avoid any problems that may befall you and pick out the best Iran tour companies. If you are looking for an adventure in Iran, you are on the right website.

Travel agencies in Iran provide different types of travel packages. If you want to find more information about Iran travel packages or you are planning a trip to Iran, keep on reading.

Travel tours to Iran price

Iran is a very affordable country to visit. Iran tour packages’ price are reasonable and cheap. If you are estimating an approximate budget, you should plan on 35$-50$ per day for your trip to Iran. The cost may differ due to your costs and preferences.


Different adventures on your trip to Iran

  1. Alamut valley

. Alamut is now an isolated valley on a mountain fortress which is located in the Alamut region in the Qazvin province. Alamut valley which is also known as the hidden paradise in the heart of the mountains is a perfect tour destination. This place has a cultural importance for Iranians and it is a great opportunity to connect to the Iranian culture.

  1. Alam Kuh trekking

Iran Alamut valley tour is a natural and cultural tour and it is very suitable for tourists, history lovers and nature lovers. The best season to do an Alamut Mountaineering is from March to September.

  1. Visiting the desert
  • Mesr Desert is near a tourist village which is known as Mesr village. The most important element of the houses in Mesr village is their Iwan. The walls, domed roofs and doors which are wooden are all in harmony with the Mesr desert that surrounds this village. Beside each house, there is usually a barn where villagers raise farm animals and camels. You can find suitable accommodations and conveniences in the Mesr village.
  • Lut desert also known as Daht-e Lut is located in the provinces of Kerman and Sistan and Baluchestan, Iran. Some parts of this vast desert are completely devoid of living creatures including bacteria and no one lives in the heart of Lut desert.
  1. Cycling

Iran cycling tour can be a fun activity if you are looking for adventure with your family and friends. Cycling can help us increase more muscle strength and flexibility, improve our fitness, reduces stress in our life and will need less fuel and harm the environment less. Cycling can help to protect you from serious diseases such as stroke, heart attack, some types of cancers, depression, diabetes, obesity and etc. Cycling is known to improve strength, balance and coordination.

  1. Skiing

Iran has the best ski resorts in the middle-east:

– Dizin Ski Resort

– Abali Ski Resort

– Tochal Ski Resort

– Darbandsar Ski Resort

– Shemshak Ski Resort

  1. Damavand mountain climbing

Climbing Damavand mountain can be a great challenge which is accessible for everyone. Climbing Damavand mountain requires a great deal of physical and mental preparation and readiness can help improving your mental state.

If you plan to travel from Europe to Iran, read Tours to Iran from US, tips and what to expect article.


Last word

Iran travel packages are getting more and more popular. Atour as the best Iran tour operator in Iran can customize your tours depending on your preferences. Finding a responsible and trustworthy firm that provides personalized tours is the most important part of your trip and can have a major effect on your experience. You can check out Atour’s official website as one of the best Iran adventure tour companies to get more information on their personalized and presented tours. Atour provides the best Iran ski tour.

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