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UIAA Youth Camp 2019


UIAA Youth Camp 2019

In July 2019, for the fifth time, Atour Adventure Group had the honor of hosting yet another youth camp titled UIAA Youth Camp 2019. The program is recognized by International Climbing and Mountaineering Federation (UIAA) and Nature Friends Society. This time, we chose the two highest mountains of Iran. Damavand with 5610m of altitude is the highest mountain of Iran. Next, there is Alamkuh with 4848m as the second highest mountain of Iran. The program was 12 days long and started from July 20. On this day, our participants arrived from different countries and were all transferred to hotel for rest. Tomorrow morning, they were supposed to meet their guide and have a small briefing. Damavand hiking is one of the best and most popular tours that Atour customizes. To check out Iran tour packages price , visit Atour’s website.

UIAA Youth Camp: Here Comes the Adventure

First, we were supposed to ascend Alamkuh. From Tehran, we headed to Roodbarak and Vandarbon. We spent the second night in Vandarbon lodge. One day later, our adventure officially began. First, 4×4 cars took us to Tangeh Galoo. Then, we trek to Hesarchal where we camped for the night. Members of Iran’s youth national team of mountaineering accompanied us. The next day, we wanted to have a trekking to a mountain in the area that was around 4000m. We all needed the acclimatization.

After an enjoyable trekking and summit, we returned to the camp. Here, the cook that accompanied the group welcomed us with warm food. We had the evening off and enjoyed getting to know one another. Next day, we headed to the Alamkuh. The mountain is 4848m.

We started early, around five in the morning. After hours of ascend, we finally reached the summit. With a short rest, we returned to the camp and rested for the evening. Next day, we headed down to Vandarbon and then to the city of Noor. Noor is a city on the shore of Caspian Sea, the biggest lake of the world. Here we stayed in a villa and enjoyed the Caspian Sea and green jungles of Iran’s northern part.

 UIAA Youth Camp: Time to Head for the Big Mountain

After that, we headed to Polour. This is the city on your way to the Damvand. The overnight was in a mountain lodge that belongs to the mountaineering federation of Iran. With sufficient rest, we began our journey toward Damavand. First, we had to ride 4×4 cars. The ride was around 1 hour and in dirt road. Then we reached Gosfandsara. This place is a mosque. Mountaineers that aim for winter ascend sometimes take refuge in the mosque and wait for the storm to pass. The trekking began from here.

The young mountaineers of our group spent the next four hours trekking to the altitude of 4200. After four hours, they finally reached Atour Adventure Mountain Eco-Camp the only eco-camp on the south face of Damavand. Warm food waited for us and we had the evening to spend on games and chatting. The next day was the BIG DAY. Early in the morning, we trekked to reach the 5610m Mount Damavand. It was challenging and rewarding at the same time. We headed back knowing that the trip was not over. We still had to see Tehran and what it had to offer.

UIAA Youth Camp: And, the Final Step

Next, was the city tour. On our last day in Iran, we visited Golestan Palace then Tehran’s Grand Bazaar and at last the National Museum. We got familiar with the architecture and culture of Iranian in contemporary era. Then, we said goodbye to the country with many good memories.

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