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Why UNESCO is very important for countries?


Why UNESCO is very important for countries?

UNESCO is the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization. As the name signifies, the organization focuses on education, science and culture. It tries to bring peace to the world through the mentioned fields. This is a very short description of the organizations aim and purposes. Firstly, and before we go through more details about UNESCO’s goals or the way to achieve them, we have to know how the story began. If you are interested in having an adventure in Iran and understanding more about world tours, check out Atour’s website.

How it Began …

The idea of UNESCO shaped in the midst of World War II. Actually, the ministers of Allied, who by the time faced the Nazi German, came together planning for their countries once peace was restored. The focus of these gatherings were mostly education. They wanted to revive the structure that war was destroying. Soon, other countries joined and in 1945, in London, they decided to convene an educational and cultural organization. It was the final months of war when the conference opened. The representative of forty-four countries came together to promote a culture of peace. As UNESCO defines, the organization was supposed to establish the intellectual and moral solidarity of mankind. The ultimate goal is to avoid another war of such magnitude.

The Aim and Purpose

From what was mentioned thus far, it is apparent that the main purpose of UNESCO is keeping and promoting peace. You can read more about the history of UNESCO in their official website. In this regard, UNESCO arranged many events, campaigns, meetings, and institutes. One of the most interesting sections of UNESCO is a list known as the World Heritage made on 1972. A list where we find pieces of all member countries and the honor of their existence is shared with the world.

UNESCO’s lists has some categories including World Heritage, Intangible Cultural Heritage, Creative Cities, Memory of the World Register, Biosphere Reserves, Global Geoparks, and Language in Danger. All the member countries, following the criteria of the organization, send documents to UNESCO that enters the tentative list of that country. Then, the process of registration begins. Iran has many registered cases that you can read about in blog. If you’re interested in the best tours of Iran, check out Atour’s website for booking Alamut tour.

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