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All Damavand Accommodations


All Damavand Accommodations

As mountaineers, we need to know how and where we will spend the night. Based on the services we receive, we need different equipment and that can add or omit huge weight from the load we have to carry. That is why I thought to write a post and describe all Damavand accommodations. I hope it will help other mountaineers who plan to visit Iran and climb Damavand. The accommodations are divided based on the routes and to make it easier to understand, first I give a list of all accommodation in one route with their altitude. Then, the description will follow. If you are planning to travel to the beautiful peak of Damavand, check Damavand trekking tour and Iran cycling tour in Damavand.

All Damavand Accommodations: South Route

This route is the easiest and most popular way to ascend the 5610m mountain. It begins from Polour and here is the list of its accommodation with their altitude:

  • Polour Mountaineering Lodge – 2300m
  • Rineh Mountaineering Lodge – 2300m
  • The Mosque or Gosfandsara – 3200m
  • Bargah Sevom – 4200m
  • Atour Eco Camp – 4200

The two lodges of the area are fully equipped with many facilities. They have dining area, store, bunk beds, and showers. You can read more about them here. The next one is a mosque at the altitude of 3200m. There are some rooms behind the mosque that has beds but no other facilities. Then there is the Bargah Sevom Shelter or camp III of Damavand.


The mosque in the Gosfandsara area – Damavand South Route 

Bargah Sevom is a two-story building with rooms in both stories. It has private and shared rooms that mountaineer can reserve based on their desire. The private rooms have four and six beds. The shared public rooms can host up to 40 mountaineers. It has kitchen, dining area and a small shop to buy some essentials.


Bargah Sevom Shelter – Damavand South Route Camp 3

The last accommodation in the south route of Damavand is Atour Adventure summer eco-camp that is a temporary camp with minimal effect on the nature of Damavand. Read more about it here.

All Damavand Accommodations: North Route

This route begins from the Nandal village and here is the list of its accommodation.

  • Nandal Mountaineering House
  • Nandal Camp
  • 4000 meters Refuge
  • 5000 meters Refuge

Nandal mountaineering house is in reality a small two-story house with two rooms. The Nandal village, where the mountaineering house is located has an altitude of 2700 meters. Many mountaineers use this house for acclimatization. The house has shower but no shop inside, which is not necessary since it is in a village and the village has shops. Just remember to check the availability beforehand; it is not a big facility.

Next is the Nandal Camp. Nandal Camp is also in the village of Nandal and has a series of lodge-tents. There is a wooden platform inside with mattress, blanket and pillow. Since the camp is in the village, it has electricity. There is also a dining section, water closet, and shower.


Nandal Camp in the village of Nandal

Then there are the 4000 and 5000 meters refuges. As the name signifies, they are two metal construct placed at the altitude of 4000 and 5000 meters. Based on the physical fitness and general condition of the group, the mountain guide will choose one as the overnight destination. Remember that both constructs lack any facilities and are merely a place to avoid the cold, wind and probable thunder.


 Damavand 4000m Refuge

All Damavand Accommodations: Northeast Route

To ascend Damavand from the northeast route, again, you have to start from the Nandal village. Here is the list of accommodations on the northeast face.

  • Nandal Mountaineering House
  • Northeast Route Camp
  • Takht-e Fereidon Shelter
  • Camp on 4300m

We already talked about Nandal mountaineering house and Nandal camp, so I go to the Takht-e Fereidon shelter. This shelter is a brick construct on the northeast route of Damavand and the altitude of 4400 meters. There are bunk beds inside, however, there is no mattress or blanket and the mountaineers need to have the needed equipment. There are no other facilities here.


Takht-e Fereidon Shelter

Next is the camp on the altitude of 4300 meters. The camp has lodge-tents with wooden platforms inside and blanket and pillow, dining section and water closet. The camp is seasonal and the availability should be checked beforehand.


Northeast Route Camp at 4300m

All Damavand Accommodations: West Route

To ascend Damavand from this route, you need to head to Polour, which is the beginning of south route as well. Here are the list of accommodation on this route.

  • Polour Mountaineering Lodge
  • Rineh Mountaineering Lodge
  • Simorq Shelter

The two lodges of Polour and Rineh have been discussed in the south route and in a separate post as shown above. That’s leave us with Simorq shelter. This shelter is a brick and stone construct at the altitude of around 4200 meters. Just like Takht-e Fereidon, Simorq does not have any facilities not even beds. So, you have to be fully equipped.


Simorq Shelter on the West Route

Be Aware

  • Simorq and Takht-e Fereidon do not have reservation system. So you might go there and see there is no place left, then you have to set up tent. Be prepared.

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