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Iran Waterfalls


Iran Waterfalls

Usually when I want to choose a subject I imagine I am a tourist or someone interested in Iran to see what he or she would be interested in. But I recently had a trip and after couple of hours of trekking in jungle we reached a waterfall. I was really amazed by the experience. It is as if all your senses get involve, the sound of water, the beautiful scenery, the feel of water spraying on your skin. It was so good that I thought I have to share it with others. So here, I will introduce some of those magnificent waterfalls. I hope everyone get a chance of visiting them.

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Kaboudwal Waterfall

This waterfall is in the northeast of Iran, five kilometer south of Aliabad in Gorgan city (E365219 N545319). Kaboudwal flows down Haroun Mountain at the heart of Jungle that wherever you look there is just tall trees and greenery. Kaboudwal is famous for its pristine nature and for being the only mossy waterfall of Iran. The access to the waterfall is quite easy. From Gorgan you have to head to Ali Abad and then follow the signs pointing to Kaboudwal jungle and waterfall. The waterfall flows from an altitude of 1780m long and has clear water that flow through jungle. The water is drinkable and on its path there are sufficient places for camping.


Margon Waterfall

The waterfall of Margon is in Margon village of Sepidan division in Fars province (E515337 N302927) the whole area is mountainous with more than 2200m of altitude and therefore has cold weather. The waterfall is around 70m high and 100m wide. The water flows in so many different divisions and ends up in the valley that adds to the beauty of the place. The plains of this area are host to beautiful Fritillary and some other wild flowers that bloom in May and June. So, you can arrange your travel to enjoy the view of flower plains as well.

You can drive to around 800 meters to the waterfall and then there is paved passage until you reach the steps just below it. Here there are parking place and other facilities as well that you can use while camping. Margon is one of the few Iranian waterfalls that foreign tourists know about and are interested in. It is also one of the natural national heritages of Iran.


Absefid Waterfall

Absefid is in west of Iran in Aligudarz city of Lorestan province (E493444 N325958). The waterfall flows from the Qalikuh of Zagros Mountains. Absefid is around 70 meters high and in the springs, the width of the outlet is around 8 meters. The water from Absefid joins the Rudbar River and then end up in Dez. Literary Absefid means white water, and used because the pressure and mixture of water and snow at the outlet make the water seem white. While visiting Absefid, you also get to know the Bakhtiari Nomads of Iran that are the biggest still migratory tribe of Iran.


Shevi Waterfall

This one is near city of Dezful in Khuzestan province (E484936 N324745). It flows from Sartang mountain of Zagros mountain range. Shevi is more than 100m long and 40m wide. Like Absefid, this one ends in Dez as well. To get to the waterfall, there is a couple of hours of trekking in Zagros jungle. Shevi is like a surprise, I mean you go, go, go and see nothing and just when you start wondering if you are in the correct path it suddenly appears. There are also some smaller waterfalls on the path between 5 to 20 meters that you can enjoy.

Because reaching the waterfall requires trekking, it is rather pristine. Besides, the road leading to it are not very good as well. Although the recent construction has made the road condition better, still it is considered rather hard to get to the waterfall. It is also better to have a local as a guide to avoid the chance of getting lost in jungle.


These were just four of the many breathtakingly beautiful of Iran waterfalls. But they are also the most known and popular one. I hope the pictures together with the information encourage you to visit them. Usually, spring is the best season for visiting the waterfalls, just check the weather beforehand to avoid strong rain showers.

Source: Iran Desert Website

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