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Atour Adventure Group Eco-Camp Report 2019

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Atour Adventure Group Eco-Camp Report 2019

In 2019, and for the third year, Atour Adventure Group set up its camp on the South Face of Damavand and Hesarchal area of Alamkuh. Primarily, what motivated us to make the camp, was a concern of the amount of trashes we saw each time we visited the area. Not only that, but also how some mountaineers abused the nature. The group of people who have only concern for themselves and their comfort, disregarding what effect their actions have on the nature of Damavand or Alamkuh Mountain. It broke our heart every time we saw how the camping section looked after their departure. If you are interested in Mountain Damavand hiking , you can check out Atour’s website.

When the idea developed, we researched a lot. Emailing other companies who had mountain eco-camps and asking for their advice and suggestion. We also looked into our own country to see if we could find any similar camps or accommodation. We also asked environmental preservation expert to help us with the design and location of our eco-camp. At last, we came up with a plan for Atour Adventure Group Eco-Camp. For three years, we have successfully set up our camps. Something that started as a farfetched idea became reality two years ago and was improved in the following years.

Before the beginning of the season, we head to the camping location and clear the area of trashes. Then, without making passages or hurting the nature, we find the best place for the tents. At the end of the season, we will head to the area again to clear everything. Meanwhile, we divide the camps’ trashes and carry them down by mules every week. We have large trashcans for the travelers to put their trashes divided by the material.

We also arrange for courses for our staff to educate them in the principals of eco-tourism. Then, they can influence other mountaineers as well. In addition, we have joined Nature Friend Society and they gave us many ideas how to improve our camps. Now, we are hopeful to promote awareness among mountaineers to understand the importance of a sustainable approach.

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