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Top 5 of Ski Resorts in Iran

Dizin Ski Resort

Top 5 of Ski Resorts in Iran

We are approaching Ski Season. Thus, we took the opportunity to publish a post about Iran’s top ski resorts. It might help you consider Iran as your next destination. Or even better, help you choose which resorts you would like to try out. On general, Iran has around 30 resorts. Among them, five resorts are more popular and of course, bigger. The top resorts of Iran are Tochal, Dizin, Darbandsar, Alvars, Kouhrang and damavand tour. If ski touring in Iran is the adventure you are interested in, you can check out Atour’s website.

1) Tochal Ski Resort

First, the resort is in the north of Tehran and you can reach it through Tehran Baam. From there, a lift will take you to the Seventh Station where you see the ski resort. The whole idea of making Tochal resort began in 1974 and by 1977, the lift was complete. The resort has a hotel at the altitude of 3550 meters. There is a gondola lift, chair lift and ski lift and the length is 1200 meters. There is also the possibility of taking ski courses and renting equipment here. Tochal is very popular and usually crowded because it is the nearest resort to Tehran.

2) Dizin Ski Resort

Dizin Ski Resort is in Alborz Province and you can reach it through Chalous road. The resort has 123 km. distance to Tehran. In addition, the International Ski Federation has recognized and approved its standards. The first lift was made in 1969. The resort has numerous ski slopes, four gondola lifts, two chair lifts, seven draglifts, two hotels, and five restaurants. The highest point of Dizin is 3600 meters and the lowest point is 2650 meters.

3) Darbandsar Ski Resort

Darbandsar is a ski resort with a distance of 50 km to Tehran. The highest point of the resort is around 3000 and the lowest is around 2600 meters. The history of the resort dates back to 1982 and it is the second nearest resort to Tehran after Tochal. You can reach it through Lavasanat road.

4) Alvars Ski Resort

This ski resort is part of Sabalan Mountain and near a village with the same name. The Village of Alvars is 14 km west of Sarein and has a 43 km distance to Ardebil. You have to head to Alvars village and 50 meters to the village enterance turn right to Chai Gouzi. There, you can ride lifts to the skiing area. It is the biggest resort of Iran that began its work on 2005.

5) Kouhrang Ski Resort

The Kouhrand ski resort is in Chaharmahal and Bakhtiary province. It is in the Chelgerd area that is around 90 kilometers away from the Shahr-e Kurd. The resort is on the mountain skirt of Zagros mountain range. The resort is 800 meters long and in the area that we have Bakhtiary Nomads. There are facilities like hotel, restaurant, and lifts in the area.

Iran can be a great destination for ski lovers. Not only it is economical, it is exotic and unique as well. It is a chance to enjoy an adventurous trip and at the same time get familiar with a culture that many are unaware of its diversity.

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