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Eco-Camp Report 2018

Eco-Camp Report 2018

This is the Atour Eco-Camp Report 2018, we want to discuss how the 2018 year passed in our Eco-camp. One of the most important achievements of Atour Adventure Group as a company active in adventure tourism focusing mainly on mountaineering and ski touring is its Eco-camp in the south face of Damavand and the Hesarchal area of Alam-Kuh. These Eco-camps are our debt to the mountains that provide for so many people. it’s our way of giving something back, even if it is so little.If you want to spend your holidays on a Damavand trekking tour or if you are willing to book one of the best Atour tours like Iran cycling tour , check out Atour’s tour packages.

Our Hope and Fantasy

For the past two consecutive years, we had the honor of providing services for hundreds of mountaineers. These mountaineers came from all around the world to visit Damavand and Alam-Kuh. And we did all that in a facility that we are deeply proud of. A facility that we built and organize to , as mentioned, return something to the mountains that gives us so much. At least now, we can reduce the number of nature-damaging camps that many set up with no knowledge of environmental concerns.

This is a very unfortunate problem. With trekking gaining popularity and with the increase of services provided here including the 4x4s and the mules that carry the load, the number of people aiming to ascend Damavand has increased. With more demand in this regard, there are mountaineers that act as organizer of a program with low to no knowledge of environmental dangers they could create. Usually the camps they set up for their group destroys its surrounding. Of course, the same thing goes to the smaller group of mountaineers who don’t really care about their effect.

In the high season, Bargah Sevom shelter and the area surrounding it where most mountaineers camp for the night, are in a really disastrous situation.  For us, from the first moment that the idea of Eco-camp was shaped, to this very moment, the environmental concerns were very important for us.

We thought that with the camp being there and following the rules, then many mountaineers don’t need to bring and set up a camp themselves and can simply enjoy the services. Besides, we thought by showing the correct way of choosing the camp site, setting up a camp, and managing the garbage we can set an example and encourage others to follow. Now, we take pleasure in knowing that we leave such small traces on the nature of the mountains and that we have encouraged others to do the same as well.

Atour Eco-Camp Report 2018

I have to say that this year camp was very memorable and meaningful. We had guests from all around the world, but perhaps the highlight of them all was the Iran-Austria Friendship Event. Let me tell you guys a little more about this event since it was very special.

2018 was given the honorary title of Iran-Austria Friendship, in this year the Austrian Cultural forum turned 60, and also it was 150th years from the first time that an Austrian ascended Damavand. For all these reasons the Embassy of Austria in Iran, the  an event was held and a group of mountaineers from Nature Friend Austria came to Iran to once again ascend mountain Damavand. Atour had the honor of being their host in Damavand and Alamkuh eco-camp and be the organizer of the program.

It was amazing especially because some of the most notable Austrian mountaineers were part of the program as well including Peter Habeler, Gerlinde Kaltenbrunner, Wolfgang Nairz, and Andy Holzer. Each mountaineer were unique and praiseworthy.

Adding to this event the number of other non-Iranian and Iranian mountaineers that reserved the camp, I think we had a wonderful year, and I pray for many similar years to come.

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