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Internet in Iran

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Internet in Iran

One of the main concerns and one of the most frequently asked question about Iran is if tourists can have access to the internet in Iran? or how can they have access to the internet in Iran? Well, let me first assure you that yes you can and although it costs more than other countries if we compare, it still is not that much to pay. And regarding the ways, here is how. If you are interested in spending your holidays in Iran, you can check out Iran tour packages price from Atour’s official website.

How to Get Internet in Iran?

Naturally, if you are staying in a hotel or similar constructs, then you can use the hotel WiFi. The problem is when you are out and enjoying the destinations. Besides, we are witnessing an increase of tendency toward travels that doesn’t have fix programs. Many are no longer interested in pre-booked and guided tours wanting to experiment. For destinations like Iran that have a sense of exoticness, this tendency is even more. For such travelers, Internet is an inseparable part of travel. With no access to travel applications, this form of adventure is nearly impossible.

I have said all these things to come to the result that you can have Internet and here is how. You have to get Iranian SIM. Iranian SIM is rather cheap. Although we can’t give you a fixed price due to the unstable rates, it costs around 5 to 10 Euros. Of course, the Internet Traffic matters as well. As it was mentioned, the service is specially useful for solo travelers, backpackers and those who are not using guided tours.

Iranian Service Providers

Basically, there are two service providers in Iran. First, we have Irancell that is a private organization. Then, there is Hamrah-e Aval that is more government related. The difference between the two service provider is not much. Sometimes one is cheaper, sometimes the other. Therefore, you have to check with both to see which is giving a better offer on your travel time.

Then, there is the issue of reception. In some places Irancell has better reception and in others Hamrah Aval. When I have a group of travelers I suggest they get both. So if there are in a location that for example Irancell doesn’t have a good reception, they always have another option. Of course it also depends how far away from civilization they have gone.

Where to Get a SIM

The easiest way of getting a SIM is at the IKA airport in Tehran that most international flights land there. Both service providers have booths there that you can use. What you need? only your passport and cash, preferably Rials. So how can you do that when you just entered the country and don’t have Rials? Well,  don’t worry. At the airport, there is a exchange shop with the same rate as the city. You can change some money there and get the SIM which is provided in both Mini and Macro size.

There is a few steps that should be taken for the Internet to activate which the operator representative at the airport will take care of that. In couple of hours, you will receive a text message confirming the activation of your Internet.

Just remember, if it’s the first time you are entering the country and stay here less than three months, then you can get the SIM. If not, the whole process changes. However, you can contact us and we will arrange it for you. Contact us through here.

You might also want to download “Whats app” if you want to stay in touch with your new Iranian friends. Iranian use this app to communicate, instead of texting.

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