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Crossing the Streets in Iran

Crossing the Streets in Tehran

Crossing the Streets in Iran

In this post we will discuss crossing the streets in Iran. every culture anywhere around the world has some traditions or perhaps behavioral pattern that to people of other countries can seems funny or even strange. it is sometimes the first thing that takes the attention of a tourist and leaves an everlasting impression. But let us be frank, one reason why we travel is our eagerness to meet this same new culture, behavior or tradition. We yearn to experience ways that are different from ours. a different view to the life, a new way of seeing things, doing things and experiencing the life. If not for that, traveling wouldn’t be as appealing as it is.

In countries like Iran such appeal is double. Honestly, people don’t know much about Iran, especially people in western countries. whatever they know is from the news which almost always if not biased is subjective. That is why travelers who come to Iran have are surprised by what they see, you don’t believe some of the things they ask us before coming to Iran. You can read a little more about this country here, if you are willing to have an adventure in Iran.

Crossing the Streets in Iran

However, we are not here talking about history, or art and architecture. We want to present a piece of culture that many travelers find scary, interesting and even exciting. It might be hard to believe, but crossing the streets in Iran is an experience many pay attention to. Some find it scary, some funny, and some exciting.

Traffic rules in Iran seem to be some sort of general guidelines, especially when you are in the downtown. Iran cities downtown are usually crowded with narrow street. Since the traffic is tense in bigger cities, many use bikes and bicycles. Here is how it is. some street don’t have a pedestrian light and you just have to cross the street. The scary thing is that unlike many country that cars and bikes stop in a safe distance and wait for the pedestrians to pass, in Iran they just move. As a result, you have to pay complete attention to all moving vehicles that are approaching and sometimes even dodge them.

Thus, if you are crossing the streets in Iran, whether it’s a crosswalk or elsewhere, you need to just start walking and pray that the cars will stop. If you’re going to wait till cars stop you might as well be waiting until next year, as they’ll never stop before you’re actually halfway through. Your best bet is to maintain eye contact and look like you know what you’re doing.

Driving in the Streets

Renting a car and driving through the country is not popular in Iran. Although there are Europe Car branches in different cities, it is not very usual for tourists to rent car. Some enter the country with their own car, however, that is not very usual as well.

It is actually very fortunate that there aren’t many driving in Iran. Just like crossing the street, driving can be overwhelming for foreigners who are not familiar with Iranian style of driving. As it was mentioned, the bigger cities are usually crowded and have traffic. No word we say here can explain the style of driving in Iran. I will just mention that you have to be familiar with Formula One driving to survive the Iranian driving.

You might even get a heart attack in a taxi, as Iranian drivers look crazy to many. So don’t even attempt to drive yourself, even if your new friends offer. It is a risk you don’t want to take. Don’t believe me? Here is the proof. I will give you a very simple yet eyeopening example. imagine you are driving in a highway, suddenly you look at the first lane on the right and see that some one is driving in reverse to get back to the exit that he/she passed. The interesting thing is that it’s not such a strange thing for Iranian drivers. Now I dare you to drive. If you are interested in visiting Iran, you can check out the most popular Iran tours like Iran desert tour.

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