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Best time of Trekking in Iran

Best time of Trekking in Iran

In this post, I want to discuss when is the best time of trekking in Iran. However, before I go through that, we will talk a little about why such information is important and why you need it while planning your travel to any destination. We really hope you find this post useful and easy to read. If you are looking for the best Damavand trekking packages, you can check Atour’s tailored tours. You can book customized and guided Alamut tour in Atour’s website.

Why the Need to Choose the Best Time of Trekking?

We all know that any destination, anywhere in the world has a best time of traveling when visiting when that destination is at its most magnificent state. This best time usually is related to weather and climatic conditions or factors such as political situation and social customs and traditions. Naturally, traveling in the right season can make your experience more enjoyable.

Now, imaging if other than enjoyment, the right travel season could help you avoid life-threatening situations. What life-threatening situations? Well, the mountains are unpredictable and the weather is even more unpredictable. You need to know the least risky season. Then if you choose any other time, you are prepared and have proper tools and equipment. Let us see when is the best time of trekking in Iran, of course, in stable weather and dry routes.

When is the Best Time of Trekking in Iran?

To put it bluntly and extremely to the point, the best season for trekking in Iran is summer. There, I summarized the whole post. But let me explain a little more. Iran is a four-season country and summer is the right time of trekking in all Iran’s mountains including Damavand, Alamkuh, Sabalan, and the mountains in the Zagros region specifically Zardkuh. Naturally, in summer, the weather is stable, there is no chance of a thunderstorm, and the routes are dry and not icy. But when does the summer exactly begin?

Based on the Iranian solar calendar, summer begins from June 20th and ends on September 21st. However, not all the 90 days is considered as the high season and trekking season of the mountains. From these three months, around two months is the high season beginning from around July 1st to September 1st. Naturally, in these two months as the high season, the mountains are crowded and filled with mountaineers, specially Damavand that is the highest mountain of Iran.

Please consider that the weather condition is critically important when it comes to the prediction of the high season, and therefore, the mentioned dates may vary by a couple of days from year to year. Here you can check the weather in different mountains. 

Thus, if you are not really a fan of crowded mountains, then you can simply choose to come between June 20th and July 1st and September 1st and 21st. even in this period you will see other mountaineers, however, fewer and remember that this crowd thing mostly happens in Damavand and not in other mountains.

There is a Trick

There is this period that we don’t usually consider as the high season because the weather might not be as stable. It is the period before the June 20th, beginning from June 4th and the period after September 20th till October 6th.  During the years, we had many travelers that chose to travel in this span of time. Some because it is more budgeted, some because it was easier to get time off, some because they wanted to see the flowers (they wither in summer), and some because they wanted a little but not much challenge.

If you decided for this time, you need to check with us or any travel agency you have chosen to see how the situation is. Then, you will have very safe and enjoyable trekking.

In a Nutshell

Since I just gave a couple of close but different time spans, I will summarize them in the form of a table so that it is easier to understand.

The best time of trekking in Iran

DateWhat is it good forMore information
Jun 20 – Sep 21The general summer season in IranYou can trek the whole period however it is not the high season
July 1 – Sep 1The high season of trekking in Iran mountainsIt is the best season, however, mountains specially Damavand is crowded
Jun 20 – July 1Sep 1 – Sep 21We like to call this period High Season Borderit is a good time of trekking, less crowded, with colder weather
Jun 4 – Jun 20Sep 20 – Oct 6Just a little offseasonThe weather is colder with the possibility of wind, especially in Damavand. You may need stronger gears.

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