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climb mount Damavand, a brief guideline


climb mount Damavand, a brief guideline

Mount Damavand which is also known as “the roof of Iran” is the highest natural point in the Middle-East and highest volcano in Asia. The peak of Damavand mountain is at 5610 meters. Damavand trekking tour requires a great deal of physical and mental preparation and readiness can help improving your mental state. Mount Damavand has a special significance for Iranians from a mythical, cultural and a geographical sense. The number of tourists wanting to climb mount Damavand has increased considerably in the past few years.

Damavand mountain is one of the most beautiful tourist attractions of Iran. Lar national part, Abali ski resort, various lakes and hot water springs add to the beauty of this spot. you can dive into the nature of Iran its unique attractions with a Damavand tour.

The season you choose for climbing mount Damavand and the team you choose can affect your experience. So keep on reading to find all the information you will need about climbing mount Damavand.


How to climb mount Damavand?

The peak of this mountain is situated in the Lar National Park in Mazandaran province, Iran. It is located 80 km northeast of Tehran in the Alborz Mountains. There are 16 routes available for ascending Damavand Mountain. Out of these 16 routes, 4 are the most popular and common ones which are the most convenient ways to get to mount Damavand:

  1. North path

North path is considered as the most difficult path to reach the peak of Damavand. The steep mountain slope has made ths path quite dangerous for beginners.

  1. South path

The south path is super easy to access both from the capital city Tehran and the northern parts of Iran. The mountain slop is not too steep, therefore, even professional hikers prefer to use this path.

  1. West path

This path can shorten the distance but it is noteworthy that it has a quiet steep mountain slope.

  1. Northeast path

This path is very cold and windy and can elongate the distance.

Tips for mountain Damavand climbing

  • It is highly advised to the beginners to trek Damavand in summer time and suitable weather conditions, which is after mid-June up to mid-September, where there is little snow on the mountain and the weather is relatively mild. And the recommended starting day for MT Damavand tour is Saturday.
  • While climbing mount Damavand is not really that difficult, the altitude gain should not be underestimated. The air gets pretty thin up as the altitude rises. Acclimatization is highly recommended, either with acclimatization hikes or by staying in a mountain hut for an extra night.
  • You must keep in mind is that close to the peak of mount Damavand there are strong rich smelling sulfur vapors.
  • You won’t need much special equipment for your climbing mount Damavand. Although, the weather conditions can be tricky and changeable which can be sudden winds and a temperature drop. But it is recommended that you have: Trekking shoes and socks – Trekking pants – Gore-Tex jacket and pants – Cotton t-shirt – Polar jacket – Gore-Tex jacket – Gloves and woolen hat – Sunglasses – Sunscreen SPF 50 – Headlamp – Sleeping bag and tent – Main backpack and a small attacking backpack – Trekking poles – Cooking gear – Small first-aid kit – Water Bottles – Toiletries – Headlamp – Swiss Army knife

If you want to know more about this beautiful mountain, read Damavand, the most famous mountain of Iran article.


Bottom line

If you want to climb mount Damavand, you need information and preparation. Finding a responsible and trustworthy firm that provides personalized tours is the most important part of your trip and can have a major effect on your experience. You can check out Atour’s official website to get more information on their personalized and presented tours.

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