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Iran big wall


Iran big wall

Climbing Iran Big wall is a type of rock-climbing which climbers ascend a long route. Iran big walls climbing normally requires more than a single day to complete. adventure in Iran is a mountainous country with lots of great ascends and altitudes like Alam Kuh Northern Big WallBisotun Big Wall, and Lajvar Big Wall. 

Iran big walls can be a great destination for tourists and nature lovers. In this article we discus the greatest big walls of Iran. Keep reading if you’re are interested in Iran’s nature.

Alam Kuh’s big wall

Alam Kuh Mountain with 4850 m altitude is the second highest mountain in Iran and after Damavand Mountain with 5611 m altitude, it is a must-see and an incredible place to climb in Iran.

Iran’s second highest mountain, Alam Kuh, is the Iran’s most technical and challenging big wall. Alam Kuh’s big wall epic big wall has won the mountain the title of the K2 of Iran. If you are a professional big wall climber, Alam Kuh’s big wall can be the perfect choice. Alam kuh is the only climbing destination in Iran that offers you a +4000 altitude. The challenge of ascending the altitude, the cold weather of Alam Kuh and the granite rocks along the way are some factors that make the northern big wall of Alam Kuh, the best place for measuring your skills and capabilities.

Bisotun Big Wall

For climbers of all levels and preferences, Bisotun Big Wall with an altitude of 2800m, can be suitable but challegnging. Bisotun is also known as the ‘Rock Climbers’ Paradise’. As one of top Iran big walls, Bisotun big wall has safe routes for climbers. As one of the world’s largest big walls, Bisotun is registered among UNESCO sites.

Lajvar Big Wall

Lajvar Big Wall is suitable for climbers that seek challenges along their way with an interest in a variety of exciting routes. As one of the best Iran big walls, this granite wall gives you a 350-meter altitude to ascent. This big wall has a summit altitude of 2800 meters.  If you plan to climb in Damavand, be sure to read climb mount Damavand, a brief guideline article.

Last word

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