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Iran Handicrafts


Iran Handicrafts

Now, like any country in the world, Iran has a rich, diverse and unique handicraft. However, before introducing these, we have to know how Iranian define this term. Well, based on the definition given by the Iranian Handicraft Organization, it is the result of activities that lead to the creation of a series of products. The whole process of creation, or at least the main part of it, happens by hand and with no to limited use of machinery. These items are representative of culture, philosophical insight, taste and art of a particular region. Iranian culture can be felt in popular Iran tours like Iran desert tour. If you are willing to book a tour of Iran, you can check out Iran tour packages price in Atour’s website.

At the heart of any handicraft, we have the creativity of human mind and crafty hands with years of practice. Next to that, we have faith and a collective sense of belonging. These feelings are reflected in the patterns, shapes and designs artists use. They are also reflected in artists’ loyalty to use Iranian material in the production process.

Where to find Iranian Handicraft?

One can find the best, most authentic products in villages and tribes of Iran. Imagine the family of a villager working on a loom producing amazing carpets. Where? In a factory or a grand workshop? Definitely not, on a loom in a corner of their own house. Usually, the workshops that these handicrafts are created in are in the houses of the artists. What’s more, the majority of these artists, more than 70 percent of them, are women. The wife and daughters of the villagers, to be particular, are the master artists of Iran.

Iran’s handicraft based on the type of products

We have many different forms of categories when it comes to Iran’s handicraft. Here, we use one that separates them based on the product into different categories. The list of Iran’s handicrafts based on the final product is as below.

  • Woven products made with weaving looms (like Carpet, Kilim, …)
  • Woven fabrics made with knitting looms (like Jajim, different fabrics, …)
  • Embroidery over fabric (like Pateh, Tekeh, …)
  • Enamels
  • Pottery
  • Glasswork
  • Woodwork
  • Stonework
  • Miniature
  • Printing
  • Mat weaving
  • Felt making
  • Leatherwork
  • Color making and dyeing

I know looking at the list it looks simple and limited; however, each of the include a great number of products. For example, in the woven products made with weaving loom we have Persian carpet. If you do not know the country, you probably have heard about Persian Carpet and Persian Cat. Two things the country is very famous for. The carpet itself has many different types based on the pattern, coloring, type of knot, and number of knots. Now, imagine the same depth and variety for the rest of the products as well. It is MASSIVE. Look forward to knowing more about them in our other blog posts.

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