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Iran Hot Water Springs

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Iran Hot Water Springs

When the average temperature of a spring is at least 5 to 6 degree higher than the average temperature of the area, then we have a hot water spring. Perhaps we do not know the technical terms or definitions but I guess we all know what a hot water spring is. Yes, Japan is the country of cherry blossom and hot water springs but believe it or not, Iran has many as well. Naturally, the temperature depends on how much time the water spends in the depth of earth, how deep it goes and how fast it resurfaces. During summer time you can have a Damavand trekking tour and during the winter you can enjoy an Iran ski tour in Iran’s marvelous mountains.

Hot water springs of Iran are in the geologically newer part of it and along tectonic fault lines. When the water surfaces to the land, it passes through stones rich in minerals. Thus, the water we see is both hot and with minerals. These hot water springs are important tourist destinations in any country. Considering that these springs and the minerals mixed in them have therapeutic effect, they are perfect for health tourism or SPA tourism.

We usually find the hot water springs of Iran in five distinct zone of northwest range, Sabalan range, Damavand range, Kerman range, and Taftan range. Hot water springs can have variety of effects on body. They can heal infected tissues and have positive effect on the skin mucosa. It all depends on the water compounds. On general, the hot water springs of Iran are divided to four groups of Carbonate, Chlorine, Sulfate, and Sulfur. Each of the types is suitable for different ailment.

Here we will introduce two hot water spring that our travelers visit in their tours to Sabalan and Damavand.

Sarein Hot Water Spring

Sarein is a city 31km southeast of Ardebil. If you ask Iranian where you should go for hot springs, 90 percent would say Sarein. The city is famous for its spring and has many facilities including hotel, SPA, and Water Park. Here, the visitors have multiple options suitable for different budgets. From luxurious private hotel rooms with access to spring to shared areas and hostels, you have it all here.

Rineh Hot Water Spring

Rineh is a village in Mazandaran province. It has a 108km distance to Tehran that will be a two-hour drive. Together with Polour, they host the two main mountaineering lodge of the area for mountaineers heading to summit Damavand. Whether the mountaineers choose to stay in Polour or Rineh, they will usually try the Rineh hot water spring after their summit.

The hot water spring of Rineh has a temperature that goes as high as 62 degree. It is perfect for relaxation after a challenging summit of Damavand. It sooths the muscles and relaxes the body. That is why we encourage all our customers to try the hot water spring.

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