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How to get an Iran visa?

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How to get an Iran visa?

The process of getting a Iran visa might seems very complicated and difficult for travelers. Naturally, there are different types of visa including tourist, business, journalistic, diplomatic and so on. However, the most common form of Iran visa is through tourism.  Here, we will explain the different ways of getting the tourist visa for those who are interested in traveling to this country. Before that, if you are a citizen of the countries of Azerbaijan, Bolivia, Turkey, Syria, Lebanon, Georgia, Armenia, Venezuela, Egypt, Malaysia, and China then you do not need a visa to enter Iran if the duration of your visit is less than 15 days. If not, then this text will probably help you with your visa for your adventure in Iran. If you are interested in spending your holidays spending time in the best tours of Iran, you can choose ski touring in Iran. Check out Atour’s website.

How to apply for a Iran visa?

The process of applying for Iran visa is not hard and does not need multiple documents. You only need to have a valid passport with at least 6 months to its expiry date, a personal photo and the visa application form. Of course, the validity of passport should be 6 months after your entrance to the country and not from the time of applying. In addition, the photo should have a white background with the participants directly facing the camera with no hat or glasses. You can download the application form from the website of Iran foreign ministry.

In applying for visa, you have two options. First, you can refer to the Electronic Visa section of ministry, fill the form, and upload the photos and passport scan. Then, you have to wait for your request to be processed. This approach is time consuming. Therefore, be careful to have enough time before you apply. Besides, be aware that you might have to go to the consulate of Iran in your country, or to the interest office for an interview. Based on the country, you have the option of applying for an on arrival visa or obtain your visa in the consulate, if granted of course.

On the other hand, you can send your documents to an agency in Iran; they will apply for you and in a week give you a reference number. Of course, you have to determine where you want to obtain your visa, on arrival or in your own country. Since an agency is vouching for the tourist, this approach is easier, more definite and faster. Atour Adventure Group provide this service for all its travelers free of charge. 

Where do you want to obtain your visa?

On general, based on the place of obtaining visa, you can have the option of getting an on arrival visa or obtain it in your own country. Naturally, both options have limitation of the target countries.

An on arrival visa is a visa that will be obtained in one of the borders of Iran. The most common of these borders are the International airports (like IKA, Isfahan, Tabriz …) and the land borders (like Bazargan). The citizens of some countries cannot apply for an on arrival visa. Here we give you a list of all countries that can have an on arrival visa. If your country is not among them, then you cannot apply for on arrival visa. Here is the list of the countries:

Albania – Germany – Austria – Uzbekistan – Spain – Australia – Slovenia – United Arab Emirates – Indonesia – Ukraine – Italy – Ireland – Bahrain – Brazil – Brontë – Belarus – Belgium – Bulgaria – Bosnia Herzegovina – Portugal – Peru – Turkmenistan – Denmark – Russia – Romania – Japan – Singapore – Sweden – Switzerland – Saudi Arabia – Oman – France – Palestine – Cyprus – Kyrgyzstan – Qatar – Croatia – South Korea – North Korea – Colombia – Cuba – Kuwait – Georgia – Luxemburg – Poland – Malaysia – Hungary – Mongolia – Mexico – Norway – New Zealand – Venezuela – Vietnam – Netherlands – Yugoslavia – and Greece.

If your country is not among the mentioned countries, or if you prefer to have your visa issued and obtained before coming to Iran, then you have to refer to the consulate or the interest offices. You can have your reference number and then visit the consulate to get an visa.

If you are considering coming to Iran and need a visa, contact us right now.

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