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Backpacking in Iran

Backpacking in Iran

Backpacking in Iran

Iran? Backpacking? Mmmm, I Don’t know. I can imagine this will be a common reply when we suggest backpacking in Iran to foreign tourists. and Believe me I understand that many people don’t consider a country like Iran to be good for backpacking. But they’re wrong. Iran is the ultimate backpacking destination due to perfect Damavand trekking tour. If you are interested in Damavand tour , you can check out Atour.

Iran is economical (I wanted to avoid using the word cheap, but it really is cheap), it has hostels in major tourist places, cheap hotels and guesthouses in others, comfortable buses, even the flight prices are not as high as western countries. What’s more, Iran has very friendly locals. They will jump at a chance to help you, so don’t hesitate to ask for help,address, or anything else.  What more can one want when backpacking???

I do understand that part of the resistance comes from a lack of knowledge or a misguided knowledge about Iran. That’s why I thought it would be good to talk about some of the concerns or questions that might come to your mind while considering backpacking in Iran. Naturally, you might have other concerns or questions, then you are very welcome to contact us and ask them. we would be glad to help you.

I personally love backpacking. I don’t like to have a prearranged tour where you have to follow a plan and be somewhere at a specific time or you lose your time of visit. I like to go with my feelings and mood. I enjoy doing something because you feel like it and not because it was arranged for that time. I do use some services from agencies or such, but not the whole guided tour, at least not for the city tours.

Is Iran Safe?

Well I am not going to lie and say there are no chances of robbery or such in Iran. Of course there is. But I assure you, the risk of being robbed in Iran is far less than some of the touristic cities of Europe. You just have to take rational cautions and then you will be fine. Of course, you need to avoid the problematic parts of the city especially at night. But then none of these areas are really touristic. So, you wouldn’t normally find yourself in one of them.

Finding the Way

Backpackers depend on applications and travel books as guide and the almost all famous travel applications don’t cover Iran as a destination. However, there are travel books about Iran, that give very good information about Iran. The only thing that cannot be completely trusted is the prices. Because of the high turbulence in currency value, the prices may be different from what you see in Iran. Besides, you can always find willing locals through social media and ask for their help.


Don’t worry about the transfer between cities. You can go to any city and then head to the place we call Terminal and decide if you want to go by car or by bus. There is also the option of train and flight which you have to check its availability in the city you want. You can check the official website of Iran Railway System or use online flight reservation sites.

What is Different about Backpacking in Iran

Since this  form of travel that younger generation are more interested in, it usually involves some partying too. But backpacking in Iran is different. Here, travelers are more interested in history, art, culture, and getting to know people. I have seen backpackers who spend hours in one mosque admiring its beauty, talking to people and enjoying an atmosphere that happens only there.

At last, Give Iran a chance, Give backpacking in Iran a chance and I promise it won’t disappoint you.

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