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Jungles of Iran


Jungles of Iran

Because of its geographical location Iran is a green country and has many jungles with great weather. So here we have listed some of them to be a help on your next adventure to Iran`s jungles. If you want to see the unspoiled nature of Iran, check out Iran tour packages. book the best Iran cycling tour to enjoy the nature of Iran to the fullest.

Gissoom Jungle

This jungle is more than 80,000 hectares big and is has made north of Iran all green. Gissoom has more than 76 different types of trees and plants and all of these beautiful trees have made this area very dreamy. This jungle ends to the sea which makes its beauty doubled!

Arasbaran Jungle

Arasbaran is located at the northeast of East Azarbayjan and with its very delightful weather is a home for numerous kinds of plants and trees and also a home for 22 types of birds, 38 types of reptiles, 5 types of amphibians, 48 types of mammals, and 22 types of fish. Also in this jungle you will be able to see trees such as pomegranate, barberry, acorn, raspberry and cornelian cherry.

Cloud Forest (Abr Jungle) Shahrood

This breathtaking jungle is in Semnan province and the most interesting sight of this jungle is the clouds running through the jungle which gives it a spooky view. Abr jungle is one of the oldest jungles in the world with Hyrcanian trees and it dates back to 40 million years ago.


Hara Jungle (Mangrove Forest)

Although most of Iran`s jungles are placed at the north of Iran, Hara jungle which is quite odd and unusual kind of forest is located at the south of Iran in Qeshm island. This forest is on the salty water of Oman Sea, Persian Gulf. These trees absorb the salt of the water with their roots and turn it to sweet water. Hara forest has been registered in UNESCO list.

Sisangan Jungle Park

Sisangan Jungle Park was established in 1965 with the goal of saving and protecting box plant and the area`s animals. This jungle park ends to the Caspian Sea from north and to Alborz Mountains from south.
Over time the jungle grew and nowadays it`s one of the biggest box plant`s jungle in Iran and Middle east. In addition to box tree, there are numerous acorn trees all over the jungle.


Dohezar Jungle

Dohezar jungle is in Tonekabon city and has very moist weather so it is recommended to visit the jungle during cool and mild weather months (September until November). The scenery of the jungle is one of a kind and the only noise that will hear are just birds singing and rivers running.
Dohezar jungle is connected to Sialan Mountains so some hikers go through the jungle to get to the mountain. The other attraction of this jungle is the river running through it. In addition to all of these, Dohezar road is all swirly and curved and as you ascend, the fog gets thicker at the high altitude so that you cannot see even a couple meters ahead you.

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