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Backpacking Tips


Backpacking Tips

  1. If you are new to backpacking world, the only thing that we can recommend strongly is to train and exercise your body constantly. For this you can wear your backpack and start having trips and adventures that aren`t far away from your home. For sure have lots of searching beforehand to know the route and your trail route. As an amateur backpacker, for the first couple of times it`s better to join a group or backpacking tours. These small trips can be a great teacher for you to know what to do, what to pack and how to deal with a problem. Also you need to walk, run and hit the gym more often. By the way don`t forget to work on your upper body.
  2. We can say that having the right backpack is the most important thing that you have to be careful with it. The best way is to go to a shop and try them on in person to see which weight and adjustment fits you well instead of online shopping.
  3. Pack smart to avoid extra weight. Do not over pack and just take the needed stuff. Try to sort out all the meal and snacks to visualize how much space you are going to need. Have a small cooking set and if possible have a backpacking partner to split the weight.
  4. For clothes, it`s best to just wear clothes and wash it then use it again to avoid any extra weight but have multiple pairs of socks and underwear.
  5. Don`t rush into it. For beginners it is recommended to keep their daily mileage between 7-9 miles per day.
  6. You should definitely learn how to read the directions and be familiar with navigation. You should always have a digital map to know how much you are going to walk and where is flat enough to be your home for the night.
  7. Don`t forget to have many bear cans or odor proof bags to put your smelly stuff in them so that you wouldn`t have a surprise visit from animals in the middle of the night. You should put your food leftovers, sunscreen, lip balm, wet wipes, etc in the odor proof bags.
  8. When you are about to have an adventure don`t forget to let your family and friends know where you are. Tell them about your plan and spots you are going to visit.
  9. Knowing how much food you should bring can be tricky. Keeping in mind that the average backpacker burns about 3000-6000 calories a day may can be helpful for your decision making process about the food.

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Please Note:  Don`t forget first aid kit and some medication in case of an emergency.

Nothing is as enjoyable as reading old fashioned printed book but it`s better to have audio books instead when backpacking. Download offline map applications on your phone in case you go to a off beaten path.

Try out all of your gears before having the backpacking adventure by yourself.

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