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Can I afford to travel?


Can I afford to travel?

Well the very first thing that you need to know is that you do not need to be super rich to travel. You can start by the cheap countries and build your way up. You can join our tours for an adventure in Iran. Damavand tour is one of the most popular tours that Atour tailors and customizes.

Just Google it! You need to search a lot about the places and countries you want to visit. Having the enough information is the key. If you do not know where to go or look confused and keep asking for directions, you can be an easy target for thieves. So use online and offline maps and be aware of what you want and where you want to go.

When being on a tight budget, hostels are your best friends. Hostels are best for meeting other travelers at the bar and also they usually have free Wi-Fi and free breakfast.

Stick to local foods. Trying local foods is so much fun and can be a new experience for you but also they are cheaper than eating in a fancy restaurant. If you are intending to have long-term traveling, you should definitely avoid expensive restaurants.

Traveling to cheap countries is quite fulfilling and it may amaze how much experience and fun you will have visiting these countries. (South America and Southeast Asia can cost around $600, Vietnam and India about $400).

Always plan in advance and get tickets maybe a couple of weeks before to save money on ticketing. Also consider travelling in off-season times so that you can find cheaper places to stay and also you can enjoy your visit to the fullest with no big chunks of tourists around you.

Certainly you will need some money, so save up as much you can even if it means working overtime or having multiple jobs, just keep your motivation up and remember that you will use this money for a great purpose. If possible continue you job as working remotely. Also you can work abroad such as teaching English in foreign countries, being a waiter, work on a ranch and so on. These works can help you money wise or maybe even provide you a home for accommodation during your stay.

Don`t forget about the guidebooks. Guidebooks are the best source for knowing what to eat, where to eat and where to visit.

Traveling may come as a hobby at first but as you explore more, you get addicted to it and the love for traveling grows inside you so it is very probable that it will be your lifestyle.

For having this kind of lifestyle you need to be determined and have motivation. Don`t give up when it comes to challenges or difficulties.

Never forget about travel insurance and always make it your priority. Knowing that if something happens to you, you can get help or even get compensated by the insurance can give you a relax mind and make your traveling more enjoyable.

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