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Tips for having a better impact and sustainable travel Part 1


Tips for having a better impact and sustainable travel Part 1

Although traveling is the best cure for everyone, however it can damage the environment and nature by air pollution, water pollution, displacement of local people, unjust distribution of money, and gentrification.

In the case of wanting to explore and travel more, we need to take a better care of our planet. Sustainable travel is to support local community. We need to take steps to reduce our environmental and social impact and also to support and encourage local culture and business. Check out Iran tour packages price , so you can choose the best Iran Tour like Iran cycling tour.


Don`t think that for having a good time you need to travel long haul and be on the road or airplane for countless hours, no you can have a short trip and have a really nice time. Just keep in mind that for enjoying the moment you need to have an open mind and say yes to new experiences. You can spend a couple of nights n a hotel downtown, have camping trip with friends, and go to a nearby city to explore it.

Tourism destinations

If you want to be a part of sustainable traveling, then you should avoid mass tourism destinations and try somewhere off the beaten track. In this way you can help the local culture and business and also enjoy the peace and quiet of the visited place.


Although traveling is the best way since it is much faster than other means of transportation and is much more comfortable but it has very harmful effects on the planet. When the means of transportation are compared airplanes emit 102-133 grams, trains around 41 grams, and buses emit 27 grams of CO2. In addition it is clear that when the airplanes take off and land they produce the most CO2, that`s why for helping with sustainable travel it is much preferable to use buses.

Some of airlines and bus companies have introduced eco-initiative plan that allows you to give a bit extra money to offset carbon emissions from your flight. Well this seems like a great plan but sadly the companies are not completely transparent about it and we really don`t know what happens behind the curtain.

Use a bike or just walk!

When you reach your destination don`t rush to a car rent, it`s better to use a bicycle or use public transportation inside the city and just walk to short distances. This way you are paying your contribution to the sustainable traveling and modeling a great way of traveling for others.

Choose a local accommodation place

For accommodation consider local hostels and hotel to help them rather than big hotel chains. Moreover, the harmful effect of local businesses are unbelievably small when compared to the big chains.

Local guide

You can hire a local guide to help you through your travel and show you the best parts of the city that perhaps you cannot find it on the internet. This way you help local business and also have the chance to explore the unknowns with a local person.

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