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Backpacking Checklist


Backpacking Checklist

When speaking of backpacking checklists everyone has their own opinion and it`s quite controversial. Everyone seems to have an opinion about what are the best Damavand hiking and camping gears.

So here we have gathered some of the useful information about gearing up your backpack for your damavand tour .

  • For multi-day backpacking, since you will need to have and carry lots of objects in your backpack we suggest you use a 40-65 liter backpack so that it can hold your sleeping bag, tent, bottles of water, food and other necessary things.
  • On the other hand if you are just hiking for a couple of hours, you can use a day pack and small backpack to carry the essentials like food and water for your trip.
  • Don`t forget to waterproof your backpack and use a rain cover over your pack. A trick that may be useful and helpful for is that you can use a couple of trash bags to like inside of your backpack to keep everything dry inside.
  • One way to organize inside your backpack is to use color coded stuff sack.
  • Lightweight tents. It is the most important gears in your pack is your tent. Don`t forget to buy a waterproof one so that you can sleep in them during the rain and snow.
  • Have fun sleeping on a hammock. If you are camping in a jungle or forest, you can use a hammock to spend the night on it.
  • Sleeping bag should be chosen accordingly to the weather condition. When buying a sleeping bag take these into consideration: how light is it? Is it breathable in warmer temperatures?
  • Have a headlamp with a couple of extra batteries in your backpack or new models that are battery free and USB chargeable.
  • You will use canister stoves for cooking and making tea. When buying a stove, choose one with a wide burner head and a non-integrated pot for easier cooking.
  • Knowing how much food you need to bring is a tough one and depends on your personal life style but we can say that about 2.000 to 5.000 calories for each day is a normal range for most of people. In addition foods like nut butter, cheese and olive oil can help you to save some weight and space in your backpack since they are rich in calorie and are calorie-dense.
  • Always have a topographic map and compass with yourself and learn how to use them. Sure you can use your GPS and smart phone but there is always the chance that they rung out of battery and you do not have access to electricity so be prepared for old school map reading.
  • First aid kit. You can buy one of those kits from the pharmacy or you can make your own kit. Don`t underestimate duct tape, it can be very useful for you in case of medical emergency and repairing your gears.

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