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Tips to know before traveling to Iran


Tips to know before traveling to Iran

Iran is an amazing country to travel to, its one of a kind architecture, hospitality of people and breathtaking nature are all reasons to visit Iran. Here we have gathered some of the useful tips for your next trip to lovely Iran tour packages:

  • First thing first you should know that Iran is safe and media is all lying to us! Most of people can speak English and they very friendly and always feel the tourist felt welcome.
  • Don`t forget about the Islamic rules of the country. Women must have hijab (head scarf to cover the head and long sleeved shirt). Alcohol is illegal and you cannot drink or buy it in your trip. if you are seeing a lady for the first time, you cannot shake her hand unless she says it`s okay. PDA is not encouraged and holding hands is okay.
  • You will need a visa for visiting Iran and you can get arrival visa at the airport like a piece of cake.
  • Don`t forget you cannot use your debit card in Iran so it`s better to have cash with yourself. Try to divide you cash to small amounts and put them in different places.
  • Keep in mind when you are purchasing or paying, you will pay by “tooman”. Tooman is the currency name people use in everyday life and “Rial” is just the formality on the printed cash. (10.000 Rials= 1000 Tooman).
  • Iran is the land of different cuisines so don`t just stick to the famous one and try local foods and different “Khoreshts”. Khoresht is the delicious stew that Iranians eat it with rice. And be ready for rice! A lot of rice!! Iranians love rice and slow cooked stews. So if you are a vegetarian, good for you, Iran is your heaven. Also if you are meat lover, Iran is your heaven too.
  • It`s good to have an itinerary to keep give you an idea where to go and what to do, but don`t just stick to it and try to trust your gut to be flexible and try the new and extraordinary experience of Iran.
  • Don`t forget about Shiraz, Yazd, Isfahan and Kashan. These are the archeological sites of Iran and seeing the monuments of these cities are like going through the history. It will blow your mind away.
  • Mountains of Iran are top notch. Damavand, Alam Kouh, Sabalan and so many other mountains in Iran are the main reason for many tourists and nature lovers to go to Iran. They very beautiful and challenging at the same time to fulfill your desire.
  • Damavand Mountain is the highest mountain of Iran with 5610m altitude and one of the most beautiful mountains to climb in the world. So if you are interested in climbing this beautiful beast give us a call or fill out the form on the website.
  • Finally don`t leave Iran without buying some special handcrafts that are very beautiful. Handcrafts like rugs, clothes, silverware and sweets and dried food. In our experience most of our tourist found “Dough” a very eccentric drink. Its taste is sour and delicious. It`s made of the yogurt with cold water and salt and also dried mint.

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