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What you need to know for traveling to Iran


What you need to know for traveling to Iran

We try our best to give you some necessary information about the facts that you will need for your travel to Iran. You can find some of information in the previous blog “visit Iran” and here we are going to talk about some of the less commonly known facts about Iran. you can check out all kinds of Damavand tour in Atour’s website.

Hospitality: As it has been quoted from many tourists that have been to Iran, Iranians are very hospitable people. Even when you are just walking down the street people will start a conversation with you and try to make you feel welcome with a big smile on their face. They even sometimes invite you to their house for a meal! Iranians are very hospitable people and they love seeing tourists and guests in their country.

Tarof! : So maybe getting a good grasp of what is Tarof exactly be a little difficult to you as a foreigner. Basically when an Iranian suggests to pay for your meal or when you buy something they suggest to pay for it, they don`t mean it. They just make the suggestion as a Tarof to show you that they like you. If the person is insistent to pay or buy something for then it`s not Tarof and it`s a genuine offer.

Farsi: Persian or Farsi is the official language of the country and has nothing to do with Arabic. Iran tour packages price has various ethnicities, cultures and even languages across the country. Some cities` official language is not Farsi and they have their own language, but don`t worry almost everyone knows Farsi even if it`s not their mother tongue.

Also Iranian are well-educated people and most of them know English and they can talk to you and help you out if necessary.

Thursday and Friday: the weekend in Iran is Thursday and Friday and on these days in summer, people have picnics and park are filled with people having long walks and runs.

Dressing code: for women, they need to wear scarf to cover their head and hair, a long sleeved shirt and long enough to cover hips, and of course pants. Foe men, they should wear pants and any kind of t-shirt and shirt is fine.

Transportation: since the dollar`s value is so high compared to Iran`s currency, you can easily use the best services in Iran and still will be cheap for you. Domestic flights, VIP buses and Uber (Snapp) and taxis are the best ways of transportation for you in Iran.

SIM Card: Usually Irancell SIM cards have good quality and different internet packages to purchase. Try to get your SIM cars at the airport so that you have internet access everywhere.

Iranian food: Iranian cuisine is really various, if you are a vegetarian, a meat lover or even like sour food Iranian foods cover every taste and have numerous dish in which you can find what you are looking for.

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