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Visit Iran

Visit Iran

Visit Iran

Iran is a country with hospitable people, ancient monuments with transcendent architecture, scorching hot deserts, snow-capped mountains, vast jungles and so many other attractions. Iran is an enormous country with different climate zones that ranges from dry to wetlands so you have a wide variety of choices to choose from. Mountains, jungles, seas and gulfs, islands, deserts and different ancient cities are some of the options that you have in Iran. Choose from Iran tour packages in Atour’s website.

Iran is advertised as a terrorist destination filled with nuclear weapons but in fact this is not true and everyday millions of tourists come to Iran, have fun and then they realize how much the media has lied to them.

Getting a visa

Well when talking about traveling to Iran, the first thing that comes to your mind is visa. Good news is you can get visa on arrival quite easily unless you are from Israel, the U.S Canada, Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Colombia, Iraq, Jordan, Nepal, Pakistan, Somalia and Siri Lanka.

Booking a hotel in Iran

Due to the sanctions, website doesn`t work so there are other ways to book your hotel.

  1. You can have it book via us.
  2. Via phone call
  3. Directly book it from the hotel`s website
  4. Just go to hotel and try your luck.

We would suggest that you get some consultation from our coworker to book the hotel since for your visa you need to give the accommodation information to the authorities.

Insurance for traveling to Iran

Getting insurance might be a bit challenging since not all insurance companies don`t cover Iran. However IATI insurance is recommended for traveling to Iran with full COVID-19 coverage. Even if you do not have provided insurance beforehand, you can get one at the airport which the price ranges from $16 to $36 depending on the length of your stay.

Currency of Iran

Iran`s official currency is Rial but for everyday purchase people use Tooman (10.000 Rial = 1000 Tooman). Don`t worry about it since Tooman is always used everywhere you will get used it and nobody uses Rial in everyday life. You can exchange your money at the airport of numerous exchange centers scattered all over Tehran and other cities. If your money is in dollar then well, good for you! Because Iran`s money value compared to dollar is in the lowest scenario possible ($1 USD= 30.000 Tooman) that`s why traveling to Iran is unbelievably cheap and fun!

Also keep in mind that foreign credit cards don`t work in Iran and you have carry cash (you can open an account and put you money in the bank and then get a credit card, though it may take long and if you are staying for a short time it`s better to just use cash and be careful with it).

Is it safe to travel to Iran?

Sadly all because of the false media, Iran has been known and introduced as a terrorism destination and not safe but in fact if you ask the people who traveled to Iran, you will be amazed what they have to say. Iran is absolutely safe for tourists and one the main destinations for nature lovers.

Furthermore, solo female travelers are more than welcome to travel to Iran with having nothing to worry about.  They can travel and be sure that they are in a safe country with hospitable people. Book the best Iran desert tour in Atour’s website now.

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