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What should I wear in my trip to Iran?

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What should I wear in my trip to Iran?

This is a question many of the tourists traveling to Iran face, especially women. They Know Iran is an Islamic country, however, are not aware of what that entitles. They have only heard passing comments and ideas about the suitable Iranian dress code. Here we want to discuss the proper dress code for both men and women. For those of you who believed that the rules only apply to women, we have to say that men should follow some rules as well. Here comes the complexity of Iranian street dress code.

What we see now in the streets of Iran, in aspect of what people wear is so different that it is difficult to come up with a general rule for what a tourist should wear when coming to the country. However, there are things that you can wear and things you cannot. First, we go to the proper dress for women for your adventure in Iran .


The general idea is to cover the body to the wrist, to the ankle, to the neck and the hair. However, as mentioned the rule is not very strictly followed in the country. Of course, you will see those who are believers and follow the rule completely. Nevertheless, there are different cases with less obedience to the rule.

For female tourists visiting Iran the suitable clothing would be long pants, long skirt or long dress. They all need to be ankle length. In case of a dress, it should also have long sleeves. For the top, you can have variety of T-Shirts, shirts or blouses. However, they need to be long enough to cover the hips. Women also need headscarf or hat that covers the hair. An important point here is that none of clothing should be see through.


For men, the rules are less strict. The pants should be long and to the ankle. No short pants are allowed. Any form of shirt, t-shirt, hoodie and so on is fine. However, it should not have improper or political printing. Men do not need to wear headscarf.

As you can see, we explained the general rules of proper attire. Nevertheless, considering the climate of Iran, if you travel in summer you should be aware of the sun. Iran has warm climate, it is better to wear long sleeve shirts with hat and scarfs to cover the neck. You do not want to get sun burnt.  Sandals are good idea for summers, and do not worry, there is no problem wearing them in the country. if you are interested in the most popular Iran tours like Damavand trekking tour , you can visit Atour’s website.

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